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Bertolacci picked up an injury against Malta and might miss out on the derby. Who should replace him? Gio talks about the latest news going on at AC Milan.

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Don Z says:

Montolivo deserves a chance but who would be behind the strikers?

Nathan Senchi says:

Bonaventura, De Jong, and Montolivo
And Honda as CAM?

This is what i think..

vinícius Dias says:

I would like to see a 4-3-1-2 with De Jong, Montolivo and Poli making the trio in the middle and Honda as the Trequartista anda of course Luiz Adriano and Bacca in the front.

Anthony Walsh says:

If he sticks with a 4-3-1-2 my mid would be: Nocerino(LM); monto(cm); de Jong(RM), Bonaventura(cam), for a 4-4-2: bacca Adriano above, Bonaventura(LCM), de Jong & monto (CM), honda(RCM)

Joe11V says:

De Jong ( left) jack ( middle ) Kucka (right ) Honda (cam)

Florjan says:

Hopefully bertolacci will be available but give his current form we wont miss him much if he doesnt play. I really hope we can be more disciplined against inter. We have faced them in 2 friendlies and have gotten a red card in each of those games. Those red cards led to us being pinned in our own box for the majority of the game after the red card happened. Since inter has one of the strongest attacks in the serie a right now it can almost guarantee that we will be lucky to pick up any points if we are pinned in our own box.

David Maloney says:

Milans problems are entirely in the midfield. Specifically, De Jong playing in the playmaker role. Not that it's De Jongs fault. He could probably do a job either side of midfield (although I'd tend to pick Poli or Bertolacci ahead of him). I keep hearing people say that Milan have to play De Jong in the central role because we have no other alternatives. But this makes no sense. Since he has taken this position, Milan have been horrible to watch and the play has been too slow and much too predictable. Why not give Montolivo the role? Fair enough, he's no Pirlo either, but surely Miha has to see that the position demands much more creativity and guile than De Jong can offer.

Mehrad 19 says:

Kucka – De Jong – Montolivo

Danilo Gardasevic says:

Bonaventura needs to start, as well as Honda

DRV13 says:

If Bertolacci is out I would move Honda to the midfield and play Balo as trequartista. Honda-DeJong-Bonaventura. Balo – Bacca-Adriano. Honda on the right. No Monty. Attack Attack Attack.

idris musa says:

Maybe: Bonaventura, DeJong, Kucka and Honda as trequartista.

joe sardina says:

Not that Bertolacci would win the game for us but, having a creative midfielder down is going to make it that much more difficult for us.
We are very slow in the midfield with passes and the ones we do make are not very creative, and or not accurate.
in contrast, Inter have bolstered there midfield with better quality, and this unfortunately will make the difference in the Derby next weekend. !Surprising Right!

The only weakness I see Inter will have is the fact that with so many new players, they probably won't be completely gelled, and firing on all cylinders.
So, as far as formations, go it will have very limited success, whether its 4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2 or 4-2-3-2 etc. etc…,We just lack the correct player's for these key positions in the midfield.
It will be the story of the season, as it was in the past few season's, we lack the correct quality player's in our midfield…and again we failed to address this problem. It will continue throughout the season.

Sorry, they leave us with very little to be optimistic about…? case in point, "Prepare for the worst, and hope the best!" this unfortunately will be the Moto to the season.

Always Forza Milan!

Amr Atassi says:

Under the current circumstances, I would like to see Montolivo playing in front of the defense, DE Jong in Gatuso's position and Bonaventura on the left. Honda behind the attackers with Bacca and Adriano in the very front. Our midfield is lacking quality and will cause us a lot of games during the season. If we didn't do good in the winter mercato, then I don't think we would qualify for the champions League next season with this squad.

Mateusz Wasilewski says:

The midfield this season is going to be our achilles heal – utter complete shit!..
I remember the times when it was a joy to see milan play. Now, the excitement to see milan play is for me hard to find. Only God can strike a lightning upon galliani and berlusconi and finish those old fucks 🙂

Luca La Cava says:

what do you think about a 4-2-3-1 with nocerino/kucka and de jong as holding midfielders. then bonaventura in the middle, balotelli and adriano as wingers and bacca up front? imo 4-3-1-2 is not working nor was 4-3-3 last season


Anything on menez?

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