Alexandre Pato – All or Nothing – AC.Milan

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Erick Lima says:

Vai Corinthians…..

Javier Consuegra says:

Un jugador como Pato no había que venderlo así, había que darlo a préstamo y si no despegaba pues ahí sí toca venderlo, lástima que lo vendieron 🙁

nowheredisaster says:

Now we can say that's nothing :3

Salam Alaikum ! says:

but sadly they sold him 🙁

boka loka says:

the name of song Brand X Music – All Or Nothing (Volume 13)

Iron Rottweiler says:

wtf man . kaka WAS good . u have BOATENG what more do u need

Iron Rottweiler says:

chelsea need to remember that without abramovic they are a village team just like norwich. there are only 3 legendary teams in england. liverpool, man utd, arsenal..

benjamin libonati says:

and thats is why i think kaka shuld come back

Moe Kaddoumi says:


Magic Vitra says:

Epico! Bravissimo Blake 🙂

martijnkkb says:

pato is beast!

eccomi rossi says:

quest anno o mai piu…..forza pato…..non deluderci…..

MrBo7amed100 says:

Pato needs a playmaker a very creative one like Kaka to shine again.

BonJoviRules69 says:

sta pippa??

eccomi rossi says:

Pato ci manchi………abbiamo bisogno dei tuoi gol…..

ftamati98 says:

I hope Milan don't sell him this year, i want to tell my children of the incredible brazilian , io voglio pato come una bandiera milanista accanto a van basten, pippomio maldini sheva baresi e gattuso!!!

MrBo7amed100 says:

The second sheva

Blake Productions says:

song is all or nothing ! sub for more 😀

Melo Ct says:

come si chiama la canzone di sottofondo??

Riyad Alyosi says:

We missed you !

Gabbe saliba says:

this gave me tears… :'( Pato <3

Scicluna93 says:


Un momento difficile per il nostro papero, ma quesi momenti abbiamo tutti! Vogliamo il vero e proprio Pato…….DAI PATO, NON MOLLA MAI!!!

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