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Cristian Brocchi has been officially appointed as coach, while Berlusconi comments on Mihajlovic’s sacking in today’s AC Milan news.

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poontang3zizo says:

I hope Milan doesn't qualify for Europe. I know that sounds sacrilegious but I think Berlusconi will be forced by the fans to finally sell the club if we spend another season in the wilderness.

Tomas Malinauskas says:

other think I waned to ask or milan play in super cop if lost coppa italy final if Juventus win scudetto?

Tomas Malinauskas says:

What coach will be next season to you opinion ? I love if milan new coach will be Jose Mourinho.

Rahul Namboodiri says:

so you fire miha and allow the youth coach. how is that brilliant ? he's just berlusconi's puppet .miha had a plan and had everything .his ideas were different that gives him no right to sack him .realistically with our squad Europa league was the target and we are on track. how idiotic can berlusconi get .the team has fallen too far he has to invest to pull it out and it will take time not one window .how many managers will he sack before he realises this ?

Dwayne k27ism says:

Who would of thought that 9 years after we got our revenge against Liverpool we would be struggling to get a spot into the Europa League…I will always support Milan, so i'm not changing teams not now not ever, but Berlosconi and Galliani are fucking things up like they always do and right now it's just not easy being a Milanista…i hope Berlusconi or Galliani dies soon so we can have a fresh mindset to lead the team. I do hope Brocchi does okay, i got nothing against him and i'm eager to see what he can do which Miha hasn't done, it's so sad to see Miha leave, he actaully made a Milan team that almost knew what they were doing in the field. I'll be watching Brocchi's first game in charge, lets see how well he can manage this shitty Milan side.

DRV13 says:

Coaches are irrelevant for me. What decides a football match is the 22 players on the pitch. 4-3-1-2 worked in the past because we had Gattuso, Pirlo, Seedorf, Kaka, Sheva and Inzaghi. Formation is irrelevant too. Milan have bought an sold so poorly. All these players have to go: Boateng, Balotelli, Simic, MONTOLIVO, Zapata, Poli, Ely, HONDA, Adriano, Menez, Mexes, Mauri, De Sciglio, Lopez and yes even Bacca. Use that money to buy a real team.

realmaco1 says:

wow iam actualy sad mihajlovic is gone. brocchi looks no better than Miha.

Johnlim40 says:

I  was against the ideal of Mihajlovic appointment before the season started. I was hoping we could hire Montella at that time. now I hope Milan would go for P Sousa. He is guiding an ordinary team like Fiorentina to 5th place.

GrandmasterTigerfist says:

Get ready for fifth manager sack.

idont evenknow says:

Theres no way kucka-montolivo-bertolacci will ever bring success

Zanaki Pierre-Louis says:

wdf is brocchi thinking when playing a 4- 3-1-2

z0ke says:

even if donadoni , emery or whoever else you want to name as coach nothing will change because the players we have are just shit, more than half of the 1st team players would be bench players in top clubs, i have said this and ill stick with my theory, until berlusconi is out and sells the club not 45% not but 100% then ill start to believe we are going forward right now its the players we have that suck maybe only 3 players care, the rest are crap and just there for the money.

Florjan says:

I dont think the formation is a problem for this team. We have players for any formation. our problem is that either these players dont think they can win or they dont want to give everything in games because in the game vs juve u couldnt tell that milan was 6th place and juve was 1st because we play on par with our oposition. Of course this is also our problem. we alsways play on the same level as our oponent. against atalanta we saw a milan that should be arround 15th position and against juve we saw a milan that should be in the top 3. This needs to change. we r milan and we shouldnt be playing on the level of teams like bologna, empoli, atalanta and so on. we need to give everything against any oposition regardless of whether they are 1st place or 20th place. If brocchi can fix this problem we will be fine.

beatsnextdoor says:

we will go from 6th to 9th-10th by the end of the season and we will lose the cup final vs juve, mark my words.berlusconi is a retarded old twat who doesn't understand that we simply don't have the players for a 4-3-1-2 formation.after this season brochi will be sacked and then maybe maldini will be our next coach.after all we've gone from 7th time champions league winner club to a coaching school.

Adel Otb says:

It is strange how we did not see this coming, Seedorf and Inzaghi were both sacked in the same way . Miha is clearly the best of the three yet the problem is in an owner who thinks that he should be the coach. 4-4-2 was the best that Miha come up with , if it wasn't to the stupid injury that Niang had everything would be so different.

Nash Sako says:

5-3-2 will be good than we change 3-5-2 when we have the ball we need to win all games now

prototype16000 says:

there is no point the team was a mess and mihajlovic was turning that mess into a football team worthy of playing in europe and now everything has collapsed and were gunna spend the next 2 seasons rebuilding back to the position we would have been at the end of this season if mihajlovic wasnt sacked

GiovaFai says:

I am in mourning at the loss of Mihajlovic. He didn't have the best season but he brought solidity, a plan for the future, and he brought us our young prince Gigione Donnarumma…..

OfficialKrazyKrew says:

we shouldn't be changing coach or formation with 4 weeks left of the season, and big games including coppa Italia final. I would have left it till the end of the season, and if we qualified for Europe I would have kept miha. I don't see how any coach except for someone elite like ancelotti or guardiola could do better than miha given the resources and management at this club. I feel really bad for miha, just like I feel bad for seedorf and inzhagi

RC 205 says:

If we end up losing our spot to Europa(I see it possible now after the sacking)Berlusconi should definetley sell the club.No Milanista will forgive him.

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