Inter Vs Barcelona 1-1 – All Goals & Extended Highlights – Resumen y Goles 2018

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Hoooliieeegoloppp says:

Why fcb draw 😢😢😢😢😢😢

John49910110 says:

🌑🌑🌑💙💙Icardi .Forxa Inter

Ashik Achu says:

Messi is selfish
I hate Messi😠😠😠😠

Carlos Alessandro Muñoz says:

Soy Madridista,jugaron muy bien los barcelonistas y bien por Malcom pero no me gusto tanto la actitud de Suarez…



Laminou White says:

Visca Barça

Ramza Beoulve says:

Sampaoli is the worst & stupid coach ever. Not only Icardi, Dybala was also not in the starting eleven. Aguero also often enter at minutes 75. What an idiot coach

lork biri says:

Shit person

Kamala Bhatta says:

Its wrong😈😈😈😈

Manindraj Singh says:

We wantt messiiiiiiiii

Ateek nadaf says:

doing 1-1 against barca feels like victory

سامي بن بلقاسم says:

جماعة كل تعليقاتها فرنسية وانجليزية غير انا برك راني كشما كاين عربي دزيري اه وينكم ياجربة نتاعنا في مجموعة كولومبية وليقتكم وهنا زعما والوووو دير جام نشوف شحال

PUREtrollin says:


Jakov Zaja says:

this video is so bad!!!

Nunzio Mazzitelli says:


Nunzio Mazzitelli says:

Piano piano intendo nn nell'immediato, x quest'anno mi godo il pienone di San Siro…poi squadra di merda xche?Siamo in un girone a detta di molti tosto e siamo a un passo dalla qualificazione,diamo merito una volta tanto senza buttare merda

The Nigga Might Shoot says:

Suarez 7483826273737 shot 0 gol
Icardi 1 shot 1 gol
Find the differences😂😂😂

flex 2.0 says:

Qualcuna che parla italiano?
Forza inter

Violin Jazzmessenger123 says:

How about Roberto being a terrible defender who backs away from shots? Look at his role in the last three goals scored against Barca. Solution? Try Vidal in his place. Vidal hustles up and down and across the field and defends well. Folks who might respond saying that he is a middie would do better to say the same about Roberto.

Tanveer Akhter says:

Bakwas bekkar baklol experience tha bilkul floppp. Rubbish!!!

игорь денисов says:

Icardi best

Georgee Thomas444 says:

what a shit channel

ROMACF says:

Times italiano são cabulosos, se times argentino e brasileiro jogasse a Champions era do mesmo jeito.

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