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AC Milan are interested in Besiktas midfielder Jose Sosa. Gio comments on the latest AC Milan transfer news and rumours.

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Casper Paulsen says:

You looks like sosa?

DaJuhn Sutherland says:

cb means centre back

DaJuhn Sutherland says:

Do you think caceres 29 year old CB out of contract (juventus)might be a good fit for ac?

vinícius Dias says:

Gio I'm starting to get worried about the transfer market… I don't know if I'm in a hurry, but the negociations are a bit slow in my opinion. I mean, we could've already closed the deal with Kovacic and Vazquez.. Let me know your opinion…

D B says:

Loan him out or sell him with a buy back option

kavi lake says:

Surely juve wouldn't sell rugani to us

v Berger says:

As much as I love bacca, I feel that he can't pass and completely stops the flow of the game..

Lori 10 says:

Are you italian?

Gio Mercado says:

Gio do you think signing Pato is a possibility? lol

Dapo Orelesi says:

any updates on Leandro paredes?

Nomi Syed says:

Apparently zagreb denied our deal with pjaca. hope its not true 🙁

Jauaris-Jamar-Jauarison-Lamar says:

Do you prefer Mustafi or Musacchio; and also anything about Vazquez?

z0ke says:

sky isnt reliable anymore they changing there news from pjaca joining to milan to pjaca is favorite.

Sir Klopp says:

I'd like to see Mastour move permanently to the Eredivisie, that league is great for improving and getting the best out of young players, and it is the best place for him to grow, not stuck in the ranks and out of loan deals by Milan.

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