MAN CITY v AC MILAN | Topps Match Attax vs Panini Adrenalyn XL | HEAD-TO-HEAD CHALLENGE!

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4x Topps Match Attax Packs & 6x Panini Adrenalyn XL Calciatori OPENED (72 cards in total) in a HEAD to HEAD battle between Manchester City and AC Milan…enjoy!!!
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animal lover says:

Great video

Splitz2D says:

can I tell you a joke I found in Tesco yesterday??.      drum roll please!      The match attax 17 18 kit box!!


Those cards are the hardest to get in the collections

Meeta Joshi Arts & Crafts says:

Can you send me some more codes?

Rhys's Vlogs says:

I’ll sub to anybody who sub to me

Aishah Bawal says:

Liverpool vs Manchester City

sinead cunningham says:

Gamweek? U haven't done 1 in ages

DH O says:

Great video

Andrew Lesko says:

Hi Andy, don't know if you saw the message an photo, only 3 came, depoirtre x 2 an sidwell, no Pedro, could this be another of many mistakes by topps, or could he possibly arrive to the party with vardy an Co.

Euan Ashley says:

Anyone sub to me for a sub back

Just Darts says:

Do a recreation of the UCL?

Jad Tannir says:

Hi football cards and stickers !!!!! Why the kit of players in fifa 365 2018 is the kit of 2017 it should be the kit of 2018

craig The defult says:

Sub to me ill sub to u

Jaydenisgaming says:

I'll sub to anybody who subs to me

Sam Sil says:

Probably the hardest teams to get in these packs
In my opinion

Bernardo Blanco says:

Awesome vid as always

pogba 2134 says:

Good vid keep it up

Santi's Football world says:

I’ll sub to anybody who sub to me

Sam Sil says:

Nice vid Andy
My two favourite teams !!!!

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