PES 2012 (PS3) Manchester United vs AC Milan

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PES 2012 continues Konami’s determination to listen to its fanbase and make key improvements to the aspects the audience demands. Thus, the focus for PES 2012 is to ensure the highest level of playability, challenge and realism for the game, whilst also improving the level of control offered to users. Fundamental changes to all areas of its AI have been made following user feedback. Similarly, teamwork is central to how the game moves and feels, enabling fans to replicate anything they would see in a real match.


Rafail Panteli says:

Lol you don't know pes lol stop play it u r annoying

x Dannic says:

01:25 What?

Mohamed Ezz says:

i bet that's not higher than rugular in regards to difficulty

Deric Dandridge says:

what did you use to record this?

sma says:

where is the commentary ..???????

Alfons Dibrani says:

17:43 loool wtf !

Alfons Dibrani says:

Let me give you an advise .
Try shoting from out 16m with Rooney from the middle and Berbatov from up side 🙂 .

gamesoverdose says:

@2712985 check title … yes ps3

Goran Vlahov says:

is this on ps3??

Paul Croft says:

what a goal rooney

Fannan Sat says:

good goal rony

Fannan Sat says:

i'm best playmaker in ps3.2nd messi

J Santos F says:


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