Vinicius Jr vs Manchester United (Debut) HD 1080i (01/08/2018)

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Title: Vinicius Jr vs Manchester United (Debut) HD 1080i (01/08/2018)
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AshStudio7 says:

I'm so excited for Vinicius Jr. He had a decent debut, what's your rate from 1-10?
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CarpeDiem13x says:

Mbappe ya tiene una copa del mundo……. Y Vinicius ? Nunca lograrà igualar el record de Mbappe

pubudu pelarachchi says:

when r u going to play brazil,,, is he better than gabriel ?

Xavi Georgio says:

This kid can be a GOAT, He has got everything to become that.He needs to improve his scoring rate.

He has the Magic at his foot.

Hodd Jdjdu says:

like yes vinicius is good

Naeemul Islam Naeem says:

Future neymar

Filip Lazarevic says:

he remind me of young robinho, really quick feet, best of luck in career, from barcelona fan

Venatiano says:

Needs more speed and better control while running with the ball. But he’s okay

bila goli wala bhai says:

On or two step overs against a shit defender doesn’t make u Neymar. Will be destroyed in. La Liga. Flop in the making

Andres Vergara says:

Es una mierda al lado de mbappe

Hãnârd abdi says:

He got the sauce for real

Zlat says:

Already man of the match

BeOne views says:

Not impressed

Vanessa Cando says:

cuando el fenomeno ronaldo debuto lo hizo con un tremendo golaso… no habia pelota que no tocara que la mandaba adentro… en cambio este negro es puro amague como neymar jr, no lo veo como futuro para el madrid

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