AC MILAN vs FC BARCELONA| Penalty Shootout | PES 2017 Gameplay

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Mansoor Khan says:

Barcelona is better than milan

dica doidinha says:

o bace vamo

Mona Alhmeidi says:

Booo goo fc

Anju Raj says:

i wanted to like it but i did not because Barca lost!!!!!!!!!

Sanela Karabegovic says:


X RAYDE 43 says:

Forza milan foreved

Daniel Basha says:


Nene Nene says:

yv jjhñn nnn lkhvvvbb vhbbbbv nnmmjhbb nnnmmjnnnnnnin& "/"#^;

kimbo K says:

seeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! miiiiiiiiilaaaaaaaaaaann!!!!

Bangla Rocks Television BR TV says:

what is the name of this game?

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