Manchester United or AC Milan, Who Has the Brighter Future? – FIFA 18 SIM | Ep. 9

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AC MILAN and Manchester United, both Historic Clubs that have quite a few promising youngsters amongst their ranks. So it got us wondering, how good would these clubs be if their cores remained intact by the year 2022?

July 25th, Watch AC Milan v Manchester United Live In VR

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COPA90 US says:

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July 25th, Watch AC Milan v Manchester United Live In VR

Shivank Batra says:

jose will destroy united

Soccer Highlights King says:

With Maldini back and Kaka probably coming to Milan

Milan has a bright future

Toshiyapang Aier says:

Man utd players over rated…no wonder FIFA has a soft spot for Man utd

Antonio Salazar says:

Maldini made me fall in love with ac milan

EliBarowich ! says:

tottenham sim

John Gunn says:

Man U front three…. too good

Kenneth Fox says:

How on earth does Rashford have 95 finishing? Premier League players are sooo overrated he's far from the finished article.

All About Basketball says:

In order to see who has a brighter future you need to do a 5 year sim not just play one game. It's just one game which is too small a sample size. The five year sim will show who wins more league titles, cups (FA/ Coppa Italia) and/if more champions league. That's how u determine which team FIFA thinks has a brighter future

5Oblivion says:

It's been a decade since AC Milan were a true top-flight club in Europe comparable to Barcelona or Juventus. Hopefully now with new energy and fresh talent they can return to a form reminiscent of the days of Ronaldinho and Kaka.

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