Chelsea – A.C. Milan 5-0 All Goals – Tutti i gol

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Chelsea – A.C. Milan 5-0 All Goals – Tutti i gol


Großadmiral Raeder says:

The day Milan's defence didn't show up to the game.

Mind Of Virtuoso says:

all of you people talking about anelka but that nutmeg from 30 meters was fenomenal

Sukhraj Sandhu says:

I think Nicholas Anelka was one of the best strikers we bought in last few years and he didnt cost the club too much money i think chelsea bought him for 8 million but he really served the club well!! and deserves a lot of respect…..respect to Anelka forever chelsea!!

Raymond Drogba HDGamer says:

whenever chelsea is winning,Roman Abramovich is always happy,and whenever we score good goals he alwasy laugh and snatch his fingers

Deluxe says:

worst gk ever.

ludovico Matildi says:

niente male Kalac…

Ubaedilah Maskur says:

amazing anelka

Charlie Guna says:

frank lamBARD

Atom says:

last goal was awesome

Natasha Wilona says:

Haha, kasian tuh kipernya 😀

Kunkun sana says:

miss you deco alex drogba gudjhonshon anelka :"

daniele manicardi says:

milan's goalkeeper Man Of The Match

daniportogues says:

tua madre merda


AC Bilan di MERDA

clarky clarky says:

tutti means shit


Kalac is a shit

Charlie Guna says:


Rory Curtis says:

Milan goalie sucked. Go Nicky.

Fadhli Erlanda says:

wow Anelka could score more than 3 goals

Fightclub says:

132296 LIKE..

Barkın Yağız Özkan says:

Fuck you Kalac i am laughing very much 😀 😀

ahmad qusyairi says:

hatrik anelka .

DarthVader says:

AVB ruined it man

DarthVader says:

goooooooooooooooooooooaaaalll by fraankk lambaard.. lol this is the funniest commentary I've ever heard!

Linda Apple says:

his dad disowned him LOL

Dani Emanuelson says:

World class keeper!

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