FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid 5-0

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“It’s four for Barcelona!!”

Song; X-Ray Dog – Dark River


Tonyy RogueZ says:

VISCA EL BARÇA !!!!!!!!!!!!

Geraldo Camargo Costa Maia Júnior says:

Esse dia foi loko

ចេង សក្ដា says:

barcelona is my idol

ចេង សក្ដា says:

barcelona is my idol

Mpampis Marnas says:

η είδηση είναι όταν χάνει η Μπάρτσα από τα λευκά της Μαδρίτης…

Saeful Rachman says:

barca is fuck fuck fuck

Devotee of George Smiley says:

Is there anything better than watching the complete and total worldwide humiliation of The Ordinary One and Cristiano El Punko?

Belen Romero says:

el Barcelo es lo pero no se conpara con el Realmadrid

TheIvauska says:

I'm so sorry that I missed this match. I had traning but I really didn't want to go. My dad said go it is only one game. So i went. At the end of the traing a texted my dad what's the score. He texted me back 5-0. I was like you must be kidding me.I told my friends that barca won 5-0. They didn't believe just like me. When I came home, I saw it on TV and i just so happy that I started crying. Probably the best moment of Barca. And when I watch the highlights I always cry..Visca el Barca.!

Abel Spoitoru says:

Stupid madrid

Nika Andguladze says:

BARCA is the best of best

Firpense Barcelonista says:


Chaithanya Nair says:

Do you see how Messi drops in the midfield playmakes the goal. Fabulous. False 9 at it's best. Busi ofc , best holding midfielder. A real type of midfielder , liverpool lack.

ieraHDTV says:

I agree with you, but back then youtube still blocked La Liga content. So i had to add some music. Now; today, they don't block la liga content anymore so i was able to upload the full match, in hd, with English commentary, without music. /watch?v=5Yp97KKqjcg

Renegade Shep loves his M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon says:

Would be better without the music. Below your usual high standards, I think.

ieraHDTV (Backup Channel) says:

hehe, that doesn't work at all 🙂 I tried it on my previous accounts. The good thing is; La Liga doesn't block videos anymore. That's why i was able to upload the full match in HD (uncropped) 🙂

andresfcb1899 says:

Make sure you write property rights for every video, and they can't

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