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AC Milan and West Ham have reportedly reached an agreement for Carlos Bacca. Gio comments on the latest AC Milan transfer news and rumours.

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Caoun says:

* What are your thoughts at the moment? *
So Bacca might be leaving, there's been issues in the agreement of his wages (he wants 4million per season, he gets 3.5)
Personally I want Bacca to stay, but it's all up to him. He would be my ideal striker at the moment for Milan.
I hope Pjaca doesnt go to Juve to be a bench warmer, but whatever…
The club is about to be sold, but there is no news on the Musacchio deal.. After that deal, I've only heard about Lasagna,Sosa, Zielinski etc.
I like them both, Zielinski and Sosa would be great, but I dont think that Zielinski will bring hiss Empoli form with him to this Milan side.. Sosa is quite old and I think he prefers a move to his home country, but my point here is that I'll take it, but we need GOOD players with QUALITY. Zielinski is good, but I want someone good to arrive.
Juventus and Napoli are doing it right, Milan still lurks around Genoa for Pavoletti etc…
it pisses me off :/
(We wont play in Europa, but still..)
I hope there is some Milan fans out there that wants to show passion and help Milan rise back to glory..

Anthony Saba says:

All this is teaching me is not to buy jerseys, because ac's players leave every year.
Personally think bacca was a big loss, and typical Milan management won't provide a worthy replacement.

If we have the investment, why do we need 27mil…

z0ke says:

there is no chinese all fake, we are going for serie b strikers and with mr bee back its all suspicious.

DRV13 says:

If Juve get Pjaca we should go for Berardi, Tello, Jese, Bernardeschi, Felipe Anderson (I know some may not be for sale), Some youth please……a player you can build – enough with players in their late 20s. I might even prefer Matteo Politano over Cuadrado

joe sardina says:

Guy's I don't get it we finally will be funded in a serious way and we are leting Pjaca get away? We still lack star quality and or identity especially after Bacca leaves.. our star player at this point is Donnarumma our goalie, which is great but come on we must rebuild with some top quality player's here the team lacks identity in every way and we need to become a threat again.
The names being thrown around seem second rate, Sosa is an aging player that been everywhere Cuadrado is great but the price to pay for a 29 year old?
Its just silly to lose out once again to a rival team on a young talent such as Pjaca.

Franco Marsella says:

Since the video has gone up its official pjaca choose juve. Very Disapionted but if we get Kovaic I'd be fine with that. Also Cuadrado would be an insane player but not sure it will happen. Anyone know who will replace bacca? I think we were right to sell him but only if we have a good replacement and if we don't I don't think Niang and Lapadula will be enough for us to reach Europe next season

Soccer News, Headlines and more says:

I heard that AC.Milan can't buy any players until the Chinese deal is singed and it s most likely happening in 2 weeks time…..more wait?!?

Jp Mulcahy says:

man utd are bae

doblajes-j j-doblajes says:


Zanaki Pierre-Louis says:

fuck it I don't want to be a Milan fan again we lose out n pjaca and,look we seling bacca fuck it i quit


Sign Cuadrado he would be a great signing for Milan. Also why doesn't Milan sign Joel Campbell who plays for Arsenal, the Costa Rican midfielder who plays wide can be very creative and he can also score goals, I feel that Milan needs to sign him, he isn't really getting enough game time at Arsenal. Leave Pjaca and focus on Kovacič, what Milan needs now is a player that can be creative in the midfield and also create goalscoring opportunities.
Forza Milan.

Dwayne k27ism says:

What happened with Vazquez?

Boris Nikolovski says:

25 for Vasquez,25 for panda and 25 for kovacic that's the way to go

Lorenzo Dragano says:

It would be so nice if we are going to play with 4-2-3-1 with cuadrado and pjaca. J think juve would look pretty stupid.

Lorenzo Dragano says:

Bacca has to leave ,he is old and he wasnt someone who honoured the club.j think that berlusconi is trolling us fans, he isn't going to sell the club. in the end we have to deal with matri sosa musacchio and other player we don't need because their aren't that good


We need a Brazilian dribbler creative player. Galliani needs to use scouts in brazil to find a new talent to build the team around. Concerning the striker if the chinese take over jackson martinese could come back with ramirez.

fiacreativity1991 says:

Ditch pjaca, concentrate on kovacic and Musacchio as they would be more useful…keep Suso for sure

Juan Paredes says:

vio do you think Milán needs another striker if bacca leaves I know we singed lapadula don't you we need someone with more experience

Travis says:

A lot of people are saying that pjaca has chosen juventus

Saudin Hodzic says:

Official Pjaca choose Juve .

Kavi Lake says:

I really like Calabria but he won't get any time next season, idk why Galliani thought getting that guy from river on a free was a good idea

vinícius Dias says:

Gio, SKY reported that Pjaca has chosen Juventus over Milan…. I will be really disappointed if that's what really happens… Do you think we are really going for Cuadrado? Once again, great video!

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