Chinese Want Full Ownership? | AC Milan News | Rossoneri TV

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Reports are mentioning that the Chinese might want to acquire 100% of AC Milan right away. Gio comments on the latest AC Milan transfer news and rumours.

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iangambit says:

When is pjaca coming?

Joseph Garcia says:

This is what happens when the club comes second to people's own personal interest. I can't stand waiting in limbo, and this is how we keep the rotation of management moving. We set the gaffer up for failure when they don't get the results, but it's the owners that have the final say on team decisions. This team belongs to the fans/supporters, and if anything make these changes for us!

Ataur Dewan says:

anche oggi si firma domani

Kavi Lake says:

wouldnt the chinese consortium want to invest in the market when the prelim is signed so we dont go into more debt, how does it take 3 plus months to sell a club
im not that upset or suprised but we could still make a couple good signings. eg grenier and kovacic on loan with the option to buy

Aniket Dessai says:

Finally got to see a Rossoneri player up close that too. Got to see Crespo. Unfortunately Ronaldinho pulled out of the event at the last moment.


Berlusconi must die….
Why the fuck won't you make signings like Joel Campbell and Kovacič for starters….
Get Memphis Depay next then get a strong defensive midfielder to support that defense….
I'm getting tired of saying this.

Dwayne k27ism says:

We don't even know who they really are yet and they wanna buy 100%?
Next week is the deadline…i hope they don't postpone anymore! I'm sick of this news, grrrr!?


We can not sign musachio because of the FFP rules, we need to sell to buy.

and Bacca should not be sold, fucking team does not have defenders midfielders, that are worth watching.

I swear to god if the team is going to stay shit like this I am not going to watch one game next season.

Why??????????????????????????????????? WHHHHHHAAAATTT THE HELLLLLL !!!! this is to much.

DRV13 says:

Gio gets it.

realmaco1 says:

if we don't sign it before the transfer window closes let's get ready for another mid table team Milan :(.

Zanaki Pierre-Louis says:

I'm just really really really fucking fed up of dat fucking shit

prototype16000 says:

this milan sale is actually starting to piss me off big time??

Michele Mancini says:

The deal's almost done, Berlusconi will sell, the real problem is that we may not have the budget to upgrade our starting XI before the end of the summer transfer window. This is probably going to be another transitional season, maybe the last one.

Dwayne k27ism says:

If the deal doesn't fall through and we dont make it to Europe, i would still want Montella as coach, we need some stability for once!

Dwayne k27ism says:

If the deal doesn't fall through and we dont make it to Europe, i would still want Montella as coach, we need some stability for once!

poontang3zizo says:

I said this from the start – Berlusconi won't sell. He's too stubborn. My Milan will remain a mid table side until a serious shake up happens. These are dark, dark times. God this hurts

Davhdimi says:

im seriously starting to get pissed off at berlusconi
cause he knows we are weak and hes doing nothing to help
if we're not going to make any of these signings like musachio or atleast zielinski
it going to be another season of failure wich is not fair on us rossoneri what do u think gio..?

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