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Hachim Mastour might get recalled from his loan spell by AC Milan in order to get Franco Vazquez.

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Ghassan Ayyad says:

Berlusconi claimed Ibra is too expensive so I guess he's not coming.

Dwayne k27ism says:

Yes! bring in Vazquez please!

Tomi Croatia says:

happy to see ac milan supportes and waiting for ibra , emery and the chinese takeover

v Berger says:

We seem to sell players and then all the fans regret it when they start performing for other teams. It's not like these players are randomly starting to perform its that their coaches are usually world class and can get the best out of those players

kris locker says:

buying ibra isnt the right choice for milan future plan, cause at his age maybe he'll only last 2 season perhaps, but for increasing merchandise sales buyin ibra could make a little sense..tons of quality strikers out there why choose the old ones?

Sanskar Bhattacharya says:

We should forget the swap deal and just send Mastour to Palermo for a loan. Or anywhere in Serie A for that matter. Let him get some playing time. If he truly is as good as the rumors suggest Milan should look at getting him experience.

Mc Arthurk says:

So, in the swap mastour would go just on loan to palermo? am i right? 🙁

BigMc X says:

What do u think about Ibrahimovic to Milan ? I can't wait for him coming back!

Chethas Shiva says:

i hope we get kovacic.

ndiaye gueye says:

I want El Sharawy back to Milan

Zanaki Pierre-Louis says:

i would love Vazquez at milan

Saudin Hodzic says:

We should do everything possible to keep SES and Mastur Hope ibra comes in he is a winner and champion Both milanos clubs should be ashamed off not making to UCL where others are playing in their back yard can u please make a video off Chinese investors who they are how much are they worth etc hope they have money

Ghassan Ayyad says:

Roma wants installments for 13 million?? you got to be kidding me..

Silvio Nkohkwo says:

+RossoneriTV Milan should keep El Shaarawy

SultanMenzuma says:

We should make Roma pay an extra €10mil for giving us Bertolacci.

hamad AL-Sulaiti says:

2 year loan yes but anything eles hell no

Till Moritz Vater says:

many in the comments say: "keep mastour we need him" and yes he might be an important player in 2-3 years. But we need quality in the middle of the park NOW and right now hes just a talent nothing more. So loaning him to palermo as a deal sweetener is a great idea. vasquez is a great player and hachim could get used to the serie a as well. win win

Rossoneri World Wide says:

Great video 🙂

Emilio Zg says:

God vid Gio 🙂

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