Arsenal vs Manchester United – FA Cup Final 2005 – Highlights

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21 may 2005 | FA Cup | Final


jogo Albino says:

CR7 is the best

Stephen eze says:

What exactly are doing that u want to stop but you don't really know how you will stop it? … so that someone who care will help you out

Brian Yuma says:


Tommy Lim says:

Roy is by far the worse keeper for United

Abdi Ali says:

Those were the days you could not dominate Arsenal in position which Man U did in this game but lost. I remember Arsenal dominating their opponents and losing in some games. This game they had one purpose of winning regardless of how they played. The Arsenal of these days?????

1by1illknockuout says:

Most exciting 0-0 game ever

Aleister Crowley says:

back when united had actual world class players

Revq kun says:

The sound is Trevor Broking pes 2005/2006 commentary. Yap?

Eshwar Poola says:

The 2 greatest premier league managers….?

Tyrone Williams says:

Such a horrible final to lose, Arsenal had no right to win it, but they’d have played better if Henry had been available.

Izham Waidi says:

rip peter brackley

Hùng Trần says:

Huyền Thoại Vieira , chúng tôi rất nhớ anh.

Deepjun das gupta says:

Arsenal got lucky

Anis says:

This is all what AssAnal can win, a FA cup ?

Craig Derbyshire says:

You will never see a more undeserved win in your life

Jason Delaney says:

Payback for 1999. My god did I enjoy us winning this one especially as we were outplayed,made it all the sweeter just like we outplayed Man United in 1999. All said I miss this rivalry of old, best club rivalry ever in the premiership era

feras hdaib says:

Jens Lehmann checking the ball hhahhha

Pramod Bista says:

Legend say lauren is still chasing ronaldo?

Sal Musa says:

United completely out played Arsenal in this game.

1886 Club says:

You can hear how much of a united fan the commentator is

Abdalla Sarai says:

Watching in 2019

JamesJunger says:

Good old days.

Shamarke TimeTraveler says:

These were the days

Suk Suk says:


Harry Lagman says:

How many chances did United – with an absolute dream team – mess up, or take too early?

MMG 006 says:

United deserved to win this, Lehmann single handedly saved Arsenal's asses here

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