Barcelona vs Inter Milan 1 – 0 Champions League 2010 – Semi final (2nd leg)

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Barcelona vs Inter Milan 2010 Champions League – Semi-Final(2nd leg)
Wednesday 28th April
Camp Nou
Score : Barcelona vs Inter Milan 1-0 (G Piqué (84)
Jose Mourinho achieved his latest European masterstroke as 10-man Inter Milan reached their first UEFA Champions League final despite a 1-0 semi-final second-leg defeat at Barcelona.
Inter Milan arrived at Camp Nou holding a 3-1 aggregate lead over last season’s continental kings and they never truly looked in danger of surrendering that advantage in Catalunya, although Gerard Pique set up a tense finish with a superb late goal.
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Rami Haddad says:

why did nobody talk about this robbery ?
that last goal wasn't counted ??? he clearly didn't touch it with his hand, it touching his body.
dispite the offside goal of Milito that was counted in the first leg.
then they talk about busquets. shut the fuck up

Om Topics says:

bojan+keita+ibrahimovic shouldnt ve played this match especially BOJAN like WTF!!!! he missed so many chances and lost too many balls couldnt control the ball one single time it was like fcb was playing with 10 players or 9, guardiola couldve had placed any other players in midfield and give pedro and messi more space in attack, i believe this exact match that was the reason for the club and manager to get rid of ibra and bojan..

Jose Castro says:

Solo pones las jugadas del barza , se un poco más imparcial

Arithmetic says:

Lol at the haters, pique has been one of the most successful and best defenders over the past 10 years

sajjad ho says:

Even the red card couldn't lead 'Uefalona' into the final…

Arthur Felipe says:

Porque o Gol do Barça no Final não Valeu ?

Themajestic Beaner says:

Back when Inter Milan we’re capable to beat Barca but now they’re shit?

xbox4lifeswag says:

I feel like it was purposely done not to allow the 2nd goal bcuz the 1st was offside and mistake

John Nacho Rincon says:

2:40 MOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hosain Ahmed says:

min. 1:01 how the fuck he saved it??? if you see the ball was already behind him.
what a keeper was Cesar. But also our Samir isn't bad ; )

tanto hermanus says:

Finally a mediocre team defeated UEFAlona cheats!

Ana Ramirez says:

Mano pegada al cuerpo y sin intencion,el gol(messi)era valido…esa final se jugaria en el santiago bernabeu,impensable que el barcelona levantara copa en ese estadio…la politica y el futbol…

Marat Makeshev says:

Forza Inter! Super, bravoooo

A M says:

if the VAR had existed at that moment the barca would have won 3 champions league in a row.

Yaya Touré receives the ball in the stomach, there was no hand.

Paul Daniels says:

Irritating stupid Russian voices

Paul Daniels says:

Park 2 busses and make a name for yourself by stopping the greatest team to never win the champions league barca in 09/10

Canal Charada says:

Milito goal in the 1st leg was offside,should be 2-1 and with this goal..barça should made the final,and not counting the bojan goal that was a legal goal

MrRobertobagg10 says:

“This was the most beautiful loss of my career” JM

Franko River Plate says:

Los 11 jugadores del Inter defendiendo nunca visto

Chris U.S.A says:

Pique off side cheated

Paul Daniels says:

1.29 what a joke Bojan was

Paul Daniels says:

Football was a hell of a lot better then 9 years ago with Xavi Hernandez and the likes , the internet and money have destroyed the players minds and the game since

Paul Daniels says:

Barcelona at their peak and short just one adjustment, replace zlatan with David Villa and the rest was history, inter played the worst football to win the champions league a trend that Chelsea and Real Madrid twice would follow

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