SUSO – Goals & Skills | 2018/2019 | AC Milan

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Watch in-depth highlights of AC Milan midfielder Suso throughout the 2018/2019 season! The Spanish midfielder has been outstanding in recent seasons and has shown to be one of the top attacking players in world football.
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Aden Omar says:

Gona replace Ramsey

Ankle Socks says:

Come to arsenal

Ian Cameron says:

he has a very flat footed run, cant be too fast.

fischkopfxd xd says:

Suso sei il una legenda ❤️❤️


Suso was actually a CM back in liverpool academy and i think that was his favorite position , but liverpool implemented him on RW , but i think hes suit better on CM back on those days

Ste Poldi says:

45 m? If Dybala is Worth 120 m Suso Worths at least 75

Leo Messi says:

Suso is the best player of milan without doubt

Michael Koch says:

I think hes a good example for a winger who can shot and dribble well but overall hes not so good because hes too slow for a winger

Le Football c'est mon art says:

Good video bro

Alex Kim says:

Suso kind of reminds me of mahrez

deadly dimitar says:

I really don't get the hype on this guy, anyone who's slow on the wing side has no place in top level football for me

I could look at countless players like even Lamela who I'm a huge fan of, that is not great on the wings, so he adapted to playing between lines, pressing where given, dribbling more centrally, is essentially a good player to have but not essential to the win itself

Suso is overhyped cos he's Spanish probably, he'll be another downfall of Spain in 2020. won't win anything for years imo – modern game has left them

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