Is Montella the problem at AC Milan? | Review Show

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What do you think of Montella & how did the rest of the Serie A teams do?

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Mr Known says:

Milan success was built on Berlusconi's influence. Berlusconi was not just an Italian figure, he was the president. Then, in games, many decisions went their way, and Berlusconi with his loaded pocket invested heavily. He then lost interest in Milan, stop investment, sold the club to Chinese investors, but by that time too many things have changed. There is no longer a leader left in Milan. 200m, 300m, 400m is not going to revamp with a winning team like how Juve did in one season. At Juve then, they not only had one leader but they had plenty of leaders, world cup champions and Agnelli with a history to live up to. The current Milan is made of youth, and players with no experience on the highest level (except Bonucci, who is hardly a leader at Juve) and people who know nothing about football. This is Manchester City 2008 that is only if the Chinese investors are as rich as Khaldoon.

Dil_90 says:

Montella is not the man to lead this Milan into the new era tbh. The job at hand requires a highly experienced coach with big character due to the huge squad changes over the summer. As for formation we need to line up in such a way that plays both Bonuchi and Suso in their strongest possible positions. The formation that would best provide this imo is the 343 as Bonuchi can play the lead centre back and Suso out wide on the right like last season.

That Canadian Dude says:

BRAVO LOCA! #MontellaOut

wapprez says:


Chethas Shiva says:

Cutrone can't finish and montella subbed off silva.I thought it might be better if silva and kalinic had played together than cutrone who had wasted many chances and lost posession.

Vincent DeCandia says:

I feel like Milan was very unlucky with their finishing. At the same time they really could've put a few of those chances away. At this point in time, Milan should be winning these games ESPECIALLY at home smh.. If we don't win next week idk what's gonna happen to Montella lol

Adem7 Gurung says:

The next match is now or never for Montella as if Milan doesn't win i would stop watch any Milan games untill Montella gets sacked as which Fan would like their club to loss and draw when it matters and 4 losses already means we can't lose more then 4 more matches if we want to qualify for champions league as more then 8 losses means no 4th and Milan are already halfway their before even winter

Florjan says:

I understand that 4 months with 9 new signings that have never played together will always be difficult to manage, but at the same time, this team is not showing that they are improving. Even the games that they have won, they havent convinced. They got lucky against cagliari, udinese and spal. The only reason why they didnt struggle against crotone is because crotone got a red in the first 2 mins. Its obvious that 3-5-2 isnt working and then add 5 new player changes every week, it becomes impossible to get these guys to link. The problem with milan right now is that no matter who they bring in, will have similar struggles because he doesnt know the players strengths. Maybe milans strategy of bringing in players from foreign leagues was wrong because its obvious that calhanoglu, silva, musacchio and rodrigues havent adapted to the serie a. I think montella shouldve stuck with the 4-3-3 because that's the formation that most of the players are comfortable in. Romagnoli and musacchio have never played in a back 3. How can anyone expect them to understand what to do. They need to play in a formation that they are comfortable in. Same goes for suso. He looks lost when he is plying centrally in the 3-5-2. Im sure that if montella survis the next 2 games(genoa, chievo) he will be gone after the game against juve next week, unless he goes on a miraculous 28 game winning streak like allegri did 2 seasons ago with juve, which also started mid october.

Drew Togneri says:

Imo, Montella doesn't deserve more time. He spent 3 months in preseason preparing the squad to play 4-3-3 and the second Bonucci joins, he turns us into AC Bonucci and plays the 3-5-2 for no other reason than Bonucci. He's shown poor leadership and he's lost the dressing room too. (Jack is leading a large group of angry players including Suso)

Dwayne k27ism says:

I'm just gonna say it, as a Milan fan myself. I'd rather keep Montella up till the end of the season. Whatever Montella is doing with the team will soon be instilled through time, so shut the fuck up with the Montella Out hashtags and be patient and "BE HUMBLE" #KingKendrick. But yeah, my point is we should stick with Montella for consistency.

Dwayne k27ism says:

Milan fans always blaming some poor dumbass for their loss, many of them blamed Cerci, then Honda, then Bertolacci, then Poli, then Montolivo, then Zapata, then Paletta, then we got rid of many of these players and now blaming Montella just coz they heard Conte might get sacked and so they use the #MontellaOut hashtag as a means to cope with their insecurities while instilling false hole that Montella will actually get sacked so they can hope to get Conte or Ancelotti.


JT Football says:

Calabria, Locatelli and Cutrone are the future of Italian football, hope milan can keep hold of them all, and with Donnarumma it's a solid spine

Dwayne k27ism says:

Milan fans getting big headed ever since we had new owners and brought in players that many of them just want to do away with the very coach that actually gave a damn to try and help them back to Europe. It was always gonna be hard to rebuild this squad, i'm glad the board is sticking with Montella to keep consistency, and unless there is a better coach who is a HUGE boost to Montella which is willing to join us then yeah, maybe that would be a good move, but till then, sticking with Montella now is a smart choice.

d/ rabbi says:

Montella is the main weak link and he did buy alot of shitty ordinary players

Ghassan Ayyad says:

Being a Milan fan can be frustrating at times

Aboo Rayhaana says:

Locatelli is a smart man, but as a Milan fan I am very disappointed.

Adam Hamami says:

Serie A is rising up again boysss

Tony Marshall says:

Poor bloke, ancelotti incoming. Fuck I love Lazio tho

Inter4Ever says:

I'm an inter fan, so I fully support Montella!

- SoundMcGee - says:


- SoundMcGee - says:

If Milan will lose next League game…than Montella has to leave for 100%.. have to be dumb to not Sack's enough his time is over…if this would be a English Premier League he probably would had left after first 5 games for sure!

11 maggio 2001 says:

Absolutely yes.
Montella isn't coaching he's experimenting.
He plays 3-5-2 a formation which keeps the main players Jack and Suso locked,especially Suso.
Instead of playing them in their original positions so they can improve better and better he seems he want to destroy their career .
He says Suso will adapt to the new position but until then its gonna be late

Siddhant Vyas says:

To defend Montella i can only say last year he defeated Bologna with nine man. Already played around twenty matches including friendlies that's alot of time but the way the play is unwatchable is just horror show I can only give a game or two at max. At this i wouldn't consider looking for someone great but just someone who could just get to their set objective.

LiL Flakey says:

i dont think montelka is the man for the job. they need a more attacking manager

Joe Milanista says:

First off, AEK were incredibly well organised, and honesty only cared about stopping Milan from playing football. I hate seeing that, but of course this team deserves criticism. We were bored, there was no creativity. The only players who were playing for the team were André Silva, Cutrone and Locatelli. It's clear that after the derby there was a lot of tension in the training camp, everyone's just fed up. The performances aren't improving, still no one knows what type of football Montella's trying to implicate, there's no winning Mentality nor Identity. Those are two things Spaletti has done with Inter. That's the difference, on Paper we should be third, and winning every single EL match atm 6-0. An identity crisis is the result of one thing only: a coach who is out of his depth. Sadly, I don't see Montella leading us to any silverware at all, nor even finding us a spot in the UCL. It's time to leave, before things get ugly. I want to believe in our coach, but I'm not feeling it, and it's clear the players aren't either.

NumbSpace says:

Nope he's not big enough for Milan #MontellaOut

BCHDGaming says:

I'm a Frosinone fan, im sure you have plenty of sassuolo fans ?

Ola Johansson says:

Problem is, Montella doesn’t have a clue how to play this squad. Got more or less the squad in the beginning of the preseason and still trying out formation for this squad!! This is unacceptable and should be addressed ASAP!

Rocco Pignataro says:

Really happy with all the teams and how they did apart from Juve. As a Juve fan, although a win is a win we are playing terrible and really need to bring back in our loaned out defenders

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