Manchester United vs Chelsea 1-1 (pen 6-5) – UCL Final 2008 – Highlights (English Commentary)

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Natsu Kiiroi says:

Ronaldo is very very lucky boy If Terry wouldn't slip and Van De Sar save His penalty miss would be unforgiveble ??????????

Sachin Pragraj says:

If drogba hadn't been sent off chelsea wouldve won. Ive seen all possible outcomes…

firdaus faiz says:

Van der Sar slip..Chelsea goal
Terry slip..United's Win

pisman100 says:

best ever united squad

Geraint Atherton says:

John Terry would have still hit the post had he stayed on his feet.

Hue Hoang says:

Mu vô đối

chuot beo channel says:

gool keeper der sar

Luis Gómez says:

¡Unjust victory! ??

Mauritow says:

Jhon Terry lo pierde

David Collins says:

Anelka regalo el penal?‍♂️

doan tran says:

Bring Barcelona on! Don't fear anything!

Charly Cheminais says:

Une Champion's league tout les 10 ans?

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