Manchester United 3-2 AC Milan 2007 Champions League Semi Finals All goals & Highlights FHD/1080P

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Manchester United 3-2 AC Milan 2007 Champions League Semi Finals All goals & Highlights FHD/1080P
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Cameron Hirtle says:

This was a great match, I remember skipping Organic Chemistry to watch this match. Rooney and Kaka played so brilliantly. It was a solid choice. Unfortunately for United Milan would go on to take the second leg 3-0 and get revenge in the final on Liverpool.

Boca Juniors says:

Gran Manchester United ????

des says:

Forza Milan ?⚫

DT’s got ARRESTED says:

Then AC Milan get smacked 7-2 2 years after AGAIN AHAHHAHAHAHAH. MAN U TOO GIOD

National antheM says:

22 muy solo kaka ubiese entrado ronaldo 99 ese partido era pan comido

plsmdovmosnvnsvbksnv says:

young ronaldo was unstoppable

Roberto Firmino says:

Wtf is the music

Ibrahim Bin Kasim says:

Again, youre editing sucks!

Т. Т. says:

Даа, что вытворял Кака на пике своей формы это фантастика!

RaphaelSilva says:

Rooney jogava muito

Il Milanista says:

We are Ac Milan ?⚫

dyn zafran anugerah says:

Do english commentary pleasee

Galva Tron says:

One of the best matches of football I have ever seen, Kaka went super sayin

cassani mattia says:

MIlan Team: Kaka, Seedorf, Pirlo, Gattuso,Nesta, Maldini wordclass players and true mans and friends one day MIlan will back again as Milan fan after years of suffering this year MIlan probably will back in Champions, Forza AC Milan xever in my heart

Aphr0dy says:

Where is the english commentary? ?

ka rib says:

Scholes tough son of a bich.?. was a great player. I'm a Manu fan because of him…

ka e says:

Kaka was phenomenal during his years at Milan. It’s a shame injuries ruined his later career

Christian Karapetyan says:

Not an english commentators. dislike

Pentagram YT says:

Eh, literally different football…

Cleberton Luis says:

Grande jogo ainda mais com narração brasileira

Leonardo Gallagher says:

Mai chiuso Champions finale 2017 juve – Real Madrid 1 – 4 asensio è time is over cosi velocemente

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