Sing a song for Sala – final minutes of Cardiff city's win Vs Bournemouth.

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The amazing atmosphere as Cardiff sing for their record signing who never arrived.

Sing a song for Sala,
We will never let you go,
You will always be,
At the City with me.


Sala is a bluebird for life.


Channel Thirty Eight says:

HI ALL, I JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU ALL FOR THE COMMENTS. Positive , touching comments from fans all over the world from all sorts of clubs.

The odd dick head commenting but 99% of it is special. Thanks again. It was only meant to be a short video to show the thought was with him and his family, and the pilot but this has just erupted. Thank you!

Tony Nguyen says:

I set my pfp picture as him in honor

R.I.P Emiliano Sala Tragic loss…

Jack Marks says:

Get emotional every time I watch this. Full respect to Cardiff from a spurs fan ❤️❤️

Southampton Fc Highlights and Fifa says:


Once a bluebird, Always a bluebird

Sing a song for Sala

William Cann says:

Emiliano Sala, a Bluebird Forever!??⚽

dead kiland says:

Cardiff are shit


goosebumps ???

231jopancho says:

Sing A Song For Sala…we will never let you…you will always be….at City with me….

Ceri Jones says:

Sing a song for sala ???

Sucukluev GTO says:


Manon♥ says:

Wow, it's really wondeful !
Lot of love from France, we're together

The Junior F2 says:

Rip sala respect from a Swansea fan

GSY 03 says:

Genuinely such a catchy chant, found myself singing along into my phone ????

Boust Hd says:

Who Can Give a dislike..??‍♂️

It’s Muddy says:


Andrew Bracey says:

What bastards disliked the video

Football Legend says:

From a lfc fan here so a huge respect to those cardiff fans rip sala❤

Obe Ron Kenobi says:

Who disliked this?

Christopher Cheval says:

Courage au deux club et merci cardiff pour cette hommage et aller NANTES

Quillan Owen says:


Kik YT says:

What a beautiful song ♥️??

sing a song for Sala
We will never let you go
You will always be
At city with me.

I wish Emiliano Sala was still alive ??♥️

Kik YT says:

Whoever disliked go to hell and burn.

Conor Foster says:

Respect to your Cardiff City supporters, he’ll be watching this in heaven smiling

Steed Cockle says:

Sing a song for sala

sub to nick eh 30 please says:

Chelsea fan but I love this well done never stop singing sala forever

Cameron Smarty 123 says:

I’m a wolves fan but rip

ToXic Wright says:

Sing a song for Sala

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