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In this FIFA 19 Experiment, we take a team of the best players who have played for Inter Milan and put them up against the best players that have put on a AC Milan shirt. Two of the greatest teams of all time go head to head with the best of their best to see who is truly lord of of the Premier League. Let Professor BMOnus take you through another FIFA experiment!

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NomadIsTrash Cold says:

Do italy alltime

nico peluso says:

How do you not know a lot about serie a. Ffs

toqeer sajid sajiid says:

No one:
Not a damn soul:
BMOnus: "I put Balotelli in there just for the bants"

Bandito says:

Do all Time Basque derby

giovanni gio says:

Nice Inter with Ronaldo! To bad you have the 65% version in your team. Fifa did a bad job again but we are used to that.

Lelouch Vi Britianna says:

Like your pumas hat ?

OSK_ Snipes says:

8:43 did anyone hear 21 savage????

Christopher Avila says:

You should test both teams in the same formations. Formations have a big impactan on the gameplay its not fair for one team to play 3 at the back and the other have LB, RB. Is either both team w 3 at the back or 4 at the back

Ethan Schmidt says:

Love your vids, keep up the good work I’ll sub on twitch asap???

アケミク. ALIK. says:

Dida AC Milan?

Cyber Titan says:

All time Roma vs all time juventus

Cyber Titan says:

Keep up the great work ??

Mak says:

Where is Krzysztof Piątek? xD

Hope he will be one of the best. One day.

Malcolm Micallef says:

You are so unfair that is so not fair for AC Milan I hate you now for doing this you are stupid for that one l feel so bad for AC Milan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devi Mukja says:

sure u created shit inter players like maicon but no dida cafu or stamm. and wtf is reina doing there???

Emanuele De Riu says:


Loz Just Coz says:

Lol how does Milan have “no good full backs”

Football not sooccer says:

Oh nice you put bergkamp an inter flop and didnt put milito……..

Saim Zafar says:

I think Gianluigi Buffon was in A C Milan goalkeeper.

Mathew Jacob says:

how is KAKA not a starter? the guy singlehandedly won milan the champions league in 2007 and won the ballondor that year? WTF

Jim Cashin says:

Whats the song in the game of the First half?

Romto says:

Sneijder getting snubbed since day 1

Abdullah Aftab says:

I wish the Ac Milan days come back

A Desperately Lonely Sir says:

All time Chelsea vs All time Arsenal?

David Alvarado says:

He has the my hero academia fight song ?

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