AC MILAN Legends – Who Is Your Favourite Ac Milan Player? HD ?

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– Sheva,Dinho,Kaka,Maldini,Van Basten & more who is your favourite Ac Milan player ever ?

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mattnoer smile says:

Dida ,baresi ,nesta maldini,cafu,boban,gattuso,rui costa,kaka,sevchenko,weah.

MD k says:

Pirlo And Kaka

siddharth ontela says:

There can be only one legend when it comes to ac milan and that's undoubtedly Paulo Maldini. He won 5 ucl trophies for milan and besides that he played for 25 years in the same club. He started and ended his career in the same club. He is the true legend of Milan

Alex Bergström says:

Where is Gunnar Nordahl. Not just the all time top scorer in AC Milan, but for serie A. But he played in the 40s/50s so i understand why peolple dont no him

Jyothish Krishnan says:


Abylai Zidni says:

Pirlo and Crespo ?️ 2005 ucl Istanbul?

Capi rex says:

Ibrahimovic and Ronaldinho in AC Milan legends ?…. ??
You are serious ?…. ??

Debansu Bhadra says:

Shevchenko , Van basten ,kaka , Inzaghi , Baresi, Nesta , costacurta , Rui costa , Ruud, Gattuso , Stam , Cafu , Seedorf , Dida , Rossi , Pirlo , and Maldini the icon ❤✝

Khotso Segale says:

PIRLO in midfield
Maldini defences

Ina Oancea says:

Kaka. Maldini. Crespo. Schevchenko. Gullit. Nesta. Gatusso. And a lot more

Quang Hiền Phan says:

All the brazilians

Carlos Fabro says:

Shevchenko by far

DROGBA The legend says:

Shevchenko gullit

Dilmurod Samadov says:

Per l'alleato del Milan non è una buona cosa fare la differenza per il club!

Adrian Toba says:

Rossi tassoti costacurta baresi maldini donadoni ancelotti rijkard colombo gullit van basten. La piu grande squadra della storia dell calcio.

HRJ MLK says:


Sacha Binjean says:

1 Paolo Maldini
2 Franco Baresi
3 Marco Van Basten
4 Andrea Pirlo

ermand mece says:

Dida cafu baresi Maldini tasoti Rijkaard donadoni kaka gulit shevchenko van Basten

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