Assessing AC Milan's 2017/18 summer transfer window! Pros, cons and favourite signings

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AC Milan were busy this past summer as they added 11 new signings to the squad while a number of misfits were offloaded. We analyse all the transfer dealings over the past few months, assessing the pros and cons of the work done and discuss Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli’s impact while sharing your thoughts and window ratings. Forza Milan!

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varun garg says:

I want to be participate

Joan Cela says:

Do you think, this is going to be Milans breakout season ? I think, we have a good batch of players, but most of our starters are under 25. That means we have a lot of future potential, but less experience. Our team lacks national experience, lacks confidence. Suso, Bonaventura, Kalinic, Borini, Musachio lately, lack national play. Then we have our youngs who simply a lack game plays. I think we have one of the youngest starting 11. Anyway, teams like Juve, Napoli, Roma, Inter don't lack this experience and national veterans. I truly enjoy the investment, facts is its more of an investment on the future rather then immediate impact. Still a good team for one transfer window, maybe next summer we get one more seasoned national veteran. Honestly wouldn't want to see another youth.

Ivo A says:

Guys, I have a question or more like a small concern about Bonucci. Have we really bought a top class defender ? Don't get me wrong, Bonucci is most probably a world class player and possibly the best transfer in Europe this summer, but the signs until now are not so encouraging. Against the opposition in the Europa League qualifiers there were some really bad decisions. Then against Crotone, he had some difficulties against Budimir in 1 on 1 situations. Last game against Cagliari, he lost his man and held the oppsition player in our penalty, which could have easily been a penalty for Cagliari and a stupid red card for Bonucci.
Honestly, judging on the performance in these early stages, I would rate Mussachio much higher than Bonucci, I liked even Zapata better (Zapata, can you imagine?!). Adding to the previous examples, Bonucci had a terrible game against Spain in his NT qualification where he made a similar foul to the foul that was not called in the Cagliari game. I know that nobody from Italy stood out in this match but Bonucci is supposed to be one of the leaders and pillars of the Squadra. And maybe that is the problem – in Juve he was an integral part, but still a part of the trio with Barzagli and Chielini. In MIlan, he is a newly promoted captain and the single leader a whole team of new players must rely on. Even Biglia does not hold so much responsibility as a leader compared to Bonucci. Maybe that extra pressure and expectation to lead the team to a positive season is having an effect on his play and concentration on the field?
I know it is a bizzare point to make so early in the season but that whole thing is just another example to show us how the defenders' game has generally deteriorated the last decade or so. We buy Bonucci, who is considered one of the best, if not the single best in his position and I can honestly say that I am nowhere near so impressed as I was with the signing of Thiago Silva. I will not even go back further in time to compare the "modern best" bunch to Nesta, Cannavaro, Maldini, etc.
Anyway, I just wanted to share an oppinion. I really hope that in few months Bonucci will have gelled together with the rest of the team and we would be able to see the player that we know from Juve. It is just those rookey mistakes that he made in his first games that make me a bit concerned.. 🙂

P.S. Great content as always! My absolute favourite podcast, thanks and keep up the good work! Forza MIlan!

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