Inter Milan vs Barcelona 3-1 – UCL 2009/2010 (1st Leg) – Full Highlights HD

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Con Milito Cambiasso y Zanetti tal vez argentina hubiese echo un gran mundial

Morris Amaya says:

Ibraimovic tanto que criticas a Ronaldo y con ese cuadrado no pudiste ser campeón


Uno de los mejores partidos de he visto

MrViperBG says:

Can anyone translate the first 30 seconds of the commentary? Sounds interesting?

Kevin Rodríguez says:

Guardiola lost this game by lining up Maxwell instead of Abidal and it was a pity that Iniesta was injured. Also, everyone knows that Ibrahimovic NEVER appears in big games and Barcelona played with 10 that game. Much better would have been if Henry played this game instead of that jerk of Ibrahimovic.

Lucas Bartomeo says:

Buen rival aquel inter merecido ganador de la champions (la de alves fue penal)

hoàng Duong says:

messi ngu vl đúng ko aê

Gusti Ramadhan Harahap says:


Lrandro Sebastian Baez says:

Porque no fueron titulares para Argentina en Sudáfrica 2010:Milito, Cambiasso y Zanetti?nunca se dijo…

Rio Martin says:

Lets defeat them just like old time.

Lam rof says:

Eto'o was wonderful in this game. He went on and got the Champions league, world club cup, the Serie A cup, just as he did a few years before. Stupid Barcelona let him go and got Ibrahimovic. This one was on you Guardiola, Eto'o kicked your ass.

Matty97 says:

Inter play vs Barca, the UCL's final is in Madrid, inter win it
Inter play vs Barca, the UCL's final is in Madrid, …

Renato Lima says:

4:00 – Offside
4:55 – Penalty
Congrats Referee ?

ItalianoD'Blaugrana says:

Upload the group stage game from 2010 lol

John Blessed says:

Really GugaTV? Barça just won a match 8-2 and you are showing an old match of them losing a game, smh. Talk about horrible timing ?

Mosaab says:

Spalleti out Morinho in

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