'What a disgrace, what a catastrophe': PSG's loss to Man U still stings in France | Champions League

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Former France World Cup winner Frank Leboeuf joins Shaka Hislop, Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol and Craig Burley on ESPN FC to discuss the now-infamous collapse by PSG vs. Manchester United in the 2019 UEFA Champions League round of 16, and what it meas for the future of manager Thomas Tuchel. Leboeuf then (7:33) reveal his UCL predictions bracket, in which he has Manchester City, Barcelona and Liverpool in the semifinals, but predicts an upset in Juventus vs. Ajax.

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Mustafa Jawad says:

So they should get rid of Tuchel after blowing 2-0 when they didn’t get rid of Emery after the 6-1? Great work

nootNOOT says:

no zlatan, no party

AceMonatana says:

neymar plays they win.simple

Hrsplit Hr says:

Psg looks like a really good club because they play in a shitty league . Look what happened when they played a mediocre team .

L'élu Destiné says:

PSG needs to stop drawing EPL and La Liga teams… might have better luck elsewhere

Real Gems says:

For god sake, somebody criticize Mbappe please. Starting to dislike him. Media darling

cal brogan says:

Well it may have been a lower standard of United in the past which I fully agree with but my question is what does that say about PSG

Streamer Minion says:

French guys please move on….there bigger stuff going on than this

muhammed rahman says:

This is the best thing that has happened to Football this season! These fuckin Arabs think they can buy The UCL like they buy everything else, well NO you can't!

EIRE 32 says:

PSG and Man City think because they spent 1 billion pounds each gives them a right to win the Champions league. I hope none of them ever win/buy the Champions league

Omar Money says:

It was not fair that PSG lost that referee was a bitch

Black Bull says:

It was fitting what happened to PSG. Kimpembe should have been sent off in the first leg, and scored the first goal for PSG in the first leg. He then clearly hand-balled in the penalty area and was the reason they lost the second leg. What goes around, comes around.

King Chong says:

God Franck lebeouf was shit

Dennis Wild says:

Nicol always wants everybody to get fired…

Parsi Iran says:

Who gives a fuck about PSG ?

Mak says:

I thought I was the only one who think Ajax will b tough for Juve

Varun Gurjar says:

club- built on arab money 6 years back. arrogance, overconfident.
players- love money. arrogant. self lovers, no respect for other club, players, history.
problem is psychological. they have to stop behaving like they are superior to everyone.

Sulackshan bourn says:

This is when PSG becomes a club now.

ImJustDead says:

I'm a United fan. PSG had 10 minutes where they actually looked dangerous. That 10 minutes isn't enough to say they 'played better'. The remaining 80 minutes, only god knows what the heck they were doing. They kept possession, GREAT but never did anything with it. Keeping possession doesn't equal 'dominating' either. Stick to Ligue 1.

'2 nil at home, nothing can happen' – just look at the arrogance for a team that bought their way to success and never reached a CL final in their lives.

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