Liverpool V AC Milan: Istanbul 2005

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Highlights of the six goals from the 120 minutes that shook the world including the half time story from the movie: “15 minutes that shook the world.” Goals include Maldini, Crespo, Gerrard, Smicer and Alonso.


James Buxton says:

Gay fucking music

Davrod Watto says:

Best comeback along with man united 99.

My team is BHAFC.
My first game was brighton v Liverpool in 1980

El Turko MUFC says:

The perfect music gay hahaa ggmu ???the best of england

zhipapo do Zhipapo says:

We are on the top everytime

IbanezCovers 112 says:

Song is don’t stop believing – journey

Calcio Italiano Iscrivetevi says:

will movie?

paolo ciardullo says:

I’m ac Milan fan
That was the greatest comeback n upset in soccer maybe sports ever
(Red Sox vs Yankees)

paolo ciardullo says:

Liverpool has know business winning hat game !
Dida sucks …

Javier Canizal says:

Couldnt watch the whole thing with that terrible music

Zain Rehman says:

I miss stevie g

pablo the menace says:

Shitty liverpool


Don't forget to wear Red dress for Liverpool player

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