Barcelona v Juventus 2003 highlights

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The story of Juventus’s UEFA Champions League quarter-final second leg against Barcelona in 2003.


Franco Bagnasco says:

aguante zalayeta

Natsu Kiiroi says:

Hyuga beat Tsubasa for the first time LOL ?????????????

usep sepiyade says:

Forza juve from indonesia

AC Milan AC Milan96 says:

I miss all legend juventus

Daniela Longhi says:

Juve barca real and bayern the best club in europe the best emotional match

vin's says:

Juve knocked out Barcelona and Real Madrid that year before losing to Milan in the final.

JuniorFranco 1990 says:

El barsa recibiendo ayuditas desde tiempos memorables…!

Giovanni Aj says:


JePatAle2 says:

To win with a cross by Birindelli for Zalayeta shot in gol. Epic

Quattro 4 says:

I remember watching this and the quality was near HD on a digital tv service on a plasma tv. This replay looks like its from the 80s.

Matt says:

I'm glad Graham Poll could count in this game at least

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