Liverpool vs AC Milan 3-2 Highlights & All Goals Legends 2019 HD

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Liverpool vs Milan 3-2 Highlights
Liverpool Legends vs AC Milan Glorie 3-2 All Goals & Highlights 2019 Friendly



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Ameen Azaly says:

Mana shevchenko??

warriorprince101010 says:

Kinda sad watching this. Kaka, Rui Costa and Pirlo were sublime in their peak now they can barely run, such a shame.

adam yare says:

I like it when there's no more kids in the comment section

Alessandra Antonio says:

Giocano meglio di quelli di oggi

Lindo Mathenjwa says:

Gerrard should play for Liverpool again… Just 1 season… And Pirlo doesn't expire… What happenend to Kaka????

Lindo Mathenjwa says:

Why did Agger retire so early???

FinanzFerdinand says:

If only he could manage Rangers as well as he plays

Hani Alturk says:

Some of the players can possibly still compete

Adi Mazlan says:

I'm waiting for Milan Baros…

Aris Munandar says:

Pirlo the legend frekick

Luká Manzanon says:

Kakà is verry young

Destroyer says:

GOAL —> 4:20 7:20 8:50 9:30 9:55

Kaan Uğur says:

Pirlo still Pirlo lol

ManOfTheMatch ! says:

legendary player

Matheus Ferreira says:

Que jogo espetacular

Matheus Ferreira says:

Que jogo espetacular

Arif gerrard, GENERASI BONSAI says:

Steve gerrard,gerrard
He'll pass the ball 40'yards
He's big and he's f*ckin hard
Steve gerrard,gerrard

piotreeek1 says:

Gerard nic sie nie zmienil

JH M says:

Beautiful Gerrard

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