Nike Academy: How I became a Pro Footballer | Pontus Almqvist

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Nike Academy is a football academy in England looking to turn young talented football players into professional footballers. One player who went to the Nike Academy and got out with a professional contract is Pontus Almqvist – and today we will share his story with you.

In order to become a Nike Academy player, you need to go through the Nike Most Wanted trials held globally each year. Pontus started his Nike Most Wanted journey with a try-out event in Sweden back in 2015 – and just 3 months later, he was chosen to join the Nike Academy. During his time as a full-time Nike Academy footballer, Pontus gained a lot of interest from Championship clubs in England and was close to signing a deal with Derby County – but ended up signing his first professional contract with IFK Norrköping in Sweden.

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We hope Pontus’ story from being a Nike Academy player to becoming a professional football will inspire you on your journey to the top – and hopefully you can find some useful tips on how to become a professional footballer! Nike Academy is a great chance for every young player to show their football skills, but at the same time, it’s definitely not the only way become a pro. Keep fighting and good luck on your journey!

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Unisport says:

Hope this video inspired you! Make sure to share it with your friends who might need that extra push!
– Joltter

JawcoHD says:

What is that drink at 4:41?

Jonaldo says:

he says always you now

Amelia Kotzé says:

I trie to become a professional football player but in South Africa its hard?

vamsee akkaraju says:

What if we start training from 18 years………..???
Is there any possibility that we can become a pro???
Please let me know…

bubacarr jammeh says:

Am going to be the next best player in the world

Andre Alexis junior says:

I am the goalkeeper in the squad With pontus at 2:19 with the protection in my Head, we get selected in Nike academy and sign professional ! Now we are on fifa! Thank you Nike academy dream come true

UCHAI 7 says:

I don't get just one thing what. do you go to Nike and say I want go join Nike academy and qualifie qualifie qualifie and you get to the real academy or what I don't get it

Yakubu Bance says:

Good motivation

JOSHUA says:

If I knew how to join would be gr8

Rishi Kumar says:

Really inspirational

Lwandile Tembi says:

Where do you find Nike Academy trials? Do you have to get invited or can you sign up for it? If u can sign up for it, where do u sign up for it?

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