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ShleemoonHD says:

Hey guys I'm just a small YouTuber trying to get some recognition. If you guys can take a look at my channel all feedback is accepted. Thanks bros!

Джан says:

how you get the latest suqads

Ross Moran says:

Should play Niang a lot more

smellychicken6 says:

replace Bonaventura with Ali Dia

smellychicken6 says:

sign Colonel Sanders

smellychicken6 says:

Donnarumma Bacca and Bonaventura all signed for Crewe Alexandra oh and also donnarumma ate a KFC last night and he is not fit for his next game. And Bacca has gone to pogbas house and Bonaventura is building a big McDonalds next to the San Siro Stadium. What will you do about this?

Ethan flibble flop says:

All you do is draw games. You go on about an unbeaten run but you've drawn half your games and it's just boring

Harryfifa says:

Get Gimenez

Anthonio Tamarua says:

your saying you didnt have enough but you had 500+ wage budget could've adjusted it

Nchlh Khfif says:

silva is a total idjit, you should get poulsen, good with headers, pacey and a dribbler

Samuel Ayala says:

Get aubameyang

dont trust anyone says:

I am doing my lazio career mode, how lucky I am when Keita Balde on the left side and Felipe Anderson on the right side..both are quick

Kevin Jaupllari says:

back up st get either Simeone(genoa) or Defrel (sassuolo) sell bacca and swap bertolacci with torreira or linetty (sampdoria both)

Kieran Binnie says:

buy lanzini

Snow Flake says:

No Milan career mode? Been waiting today and yesterday ?

Pancy Mangpa says:

sign conti from atlanta he just signed

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