Gianluigi Donnarumma 2016-17 | Amazing Saves

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Gianluigi Donnarumma amazing saves in season 2016-2017 with AC Milan.
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Star Lord says:

¿Name of the music?

Name_ Game says:

When Buffon retires juventus will buy him just watch

walid madridi says:

the futur of italy

Jonas Sousa says:

melhor goleiro do mundo

Jonas Sousa says:

melhor goleiro do mundo

M. Slezimmick says:

he made certain save look so easy…cant believe he's only 18

pardo1977 says:

guys he is not keeping a single ball

katumbu gola says:

1:58 lol he not jump

Hayes Liam says:


Mauricio Espinoza says:

Welcome to Real Madrid. <3

Caio Cardoso says:

Welcome to Real Madrid.

Some random Kid says:

Welcome to Real Madrid 🙂

Jack Jazzdeathform says:

gianluigi donnarumma clean sheets:1
messi and ronaldo clean sheets combined:0
haters will say messi and ronaldo arent goalkeepers

Leandro Aguirre says:

I think some clubs should sign him because he is young and have a great talent.

Ayub Ali says:

he is the next buffon

Raamcharan Ramanidharan says:

wow….wonderful keeping certainly one for the future

Apeldoorn055 says:

What is the second songs name??


orgoglio italiano

StormMikeMG says:

Onore italiano

Y says:

saying Donnarumma doesnt have talent is like saying Akinfenwa isnt strong

Simone Franceschin says:

0:56 Mertens

Vincenzo Ciriello says:

Actually, the most better young goalkeeper in the world.

BMWMED1 says:

I usually don't rate keepers since I think the attacker misses rather than the keeper making a great save but this kid is robbing legit goals he has no business saving.

Buffon, Schmeichel, Banks, and believe it or not Jorge Campos are the best shot stoppers I've ever seen play. I have not seen enough or Yashin. I do not rate any of the modern keepers but De Gea and Navas are the best shot stoppers of the new bunch, the rest are grossly overrated; Hart, Neuer (great as a sweeper keeper but really his skills are not Buffon level when it comes to angles and reaction saves), Bravo, really i don't get why this guys is rated and Tersteegan is just not top level.

That all being said, this kid has the patience, reactions and positioning of Buffon, only time will tell if he can become a monster in big games which is the trait that makes Buffon, and Banks the best keepers of all time. IMO. Buffon carried Italy in 2006, I wanted to name my son after him and I was a #10, wife made me settle on a variation of the name, Gianluca.

alex za says:


Jun Shin says:

look at his saves, he is always to extend his arm wide so that he can enlarge the saving area, so flexible!

kimchi says says:

More like khedira vs donnarumma..

kajiro black panter says:

Robin van persie

mangacart313 says:

Gianluigi Bouffon is a legend, Gianluigi Donnarumma will come a legend

Sexy Beast says:

do Ousmane Dembele

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