Ainsley Maitland-Niles vs AC Milan | Locks Down AC Milan | 8/3/2018

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Zain iqbal says:

I need to say it how it is- his mother is his fucking mother – the same woman who fucking gave you life – anyone disrespecting their mother is some tapped fucker – show some respect

Kyle says:

Yo bro u need to take care of your mum you wouldn't be here without here please help her out

soldier says:

You r a wicked sun of a gun,treat your mother like a queen not like shit wicked man

lazy woosh1 says:

his mum gota be on crack

Nick H. says:

If your mom tried to trade you for a couple crack rocks, and never helped you out…. then tries to come back in your life when you got some money it’s okay to let your mom live in a dirt hole on the side of the road. Especially after she tried to publicly humiliate him and tarnish his career.

Robocop 1948Boss says:

Ainsley is a wasteman fam buy your mum a house u rat

apples1ful says:

It's starting to annoy me when people say "a mom is a mom," "he will only have one mother." While what you say is true, it baffles me to see people choosing to neglect Niles suffering in this situation. So the mother is exempt from all wrong? He's been helping his mother for years by letting her live with him , and giving her money to live on, but I see you choose to ignore that huh? If you blame Niles then you have to look at both sides and blame the mother too. I commend Niles for getting this far in his life DESPITE his mother.

s.kjm14 MX says:

This guy is fucked up

leopritchardツ says:

Your mum needs help go and help her

M10 BOY says:

Try to live in a box for a day like your mum

TheSugarPig3695 says:

His mum situation is nothing to do with any of us. It's a shame the story came out as he's making a few senior appearances. Papers will grab at anything to sell their shite. It's a personal invasion. And his mum looks to be milking it.
Play your footie lad fuck everyone trying to have a self righteous input

itzdxn_7 says:

Get your mum out that container

Hala Gaming says:

Go help you mum Iive in a house

Hugh Legood says:

Help your mum

Anthony Ashley says:

Everybody knows that his Mom almost ruined his arsenal career with her antics.Not to mention the rumors of child abandonment and drugs. She only came back into his life once she saw he had a future in football. He's grown and doesn't owe her anything. She needs to go get a job.

Luke Wyeth says:

Don't mind the ur mum shit don't believe it

Kane Salter says:

You don't know if there's a reason he left his mum so shhhh

ARSENY says:


Filmon Msgna says:

Go help your mum

Dionisio Lima says:

Your mum lives in a storage box bro……………

Daşhelectronicã Dj says:

Iwobi should play forward

Tommy Ross says:


Benz - says:

Go help your mom

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