Real Madrid Shocker vs Girona & Piątek Leading AC Milan’s Resurgence! – Weekend Recap #22

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Real Madrid Shocker vs Girona & Piątek Leading AC Milan’s Resurgence! – Weekend Recap #22

Rabona TV Weekend Recap!

Real Madrid had a shocking match at home to Girona, namely via Marcelo, whom some fans are calling for his time at the club to be up. Also, Sergio Ramos set a red card record and became the player to be sent off the most in La Liga history. Krzysztof Piątek scored another brace to make it 6 goals in 5 matches since moving to AC Milan, as the Rossoneri have found some solid form thanks to the arrival of their Polish striker and Brazilian playmaker Lucas Paqueta. Plus, we’ll look at the FA Cup scores from this weekend’s action as well!

Plus, Premier league news, Serie A news, La Liga news, Bundesliga news, Ligue 1 news, and more in this weekend football review!

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Lukas Wolfs says:

here is my view on the Marcelo situation. I think he is still beast, he just does not want to show it. I think the more poor he performs, the less the Madrid fans believe in him and can easily make the Board think his peak is over and from a business stand point, it would make a lot of sense to sell Marcelo at this time before his value decreases. However here is where my view comes in, I think this is exactly what Marcelo wants so he can play alongside Ronaldo, and just like that Marcelo could easily bring his form back

Isa mahamud says:


Tenzin Rabjam says:

Ronaldo’s Goal was the third goal???

Mara Lorca says:

Impostor Adrian, please let me know when you'll have a watch-along of a Manchester City match.

Best of luck to Benfica ? but I feel that the women's team is better than them rn. ✌️

danbarros100 says:

Maybe Marcelo needs a new home… He is the best left back in the world, he can choose to play anywhere he wants… Who will play if he leaves? Poor Madrid…

Jhonny Lama says:

Onefootball is not the best All Football is the best

Ali Reza Marefat says:

Tip: Get a haircut

Satsuma says:

Hey Adrian, would be great if you could mention Leverkusen more, at least as long as they're on an international qualifying rank (hopefully they're not jinxed now^^). Love your recaps!

HomeworkYou ForgotToDo says:

You look like the joker lol

Sharokh Zed says:

Your channel grow so fast! I still remember when you were getting a few hundred views each vid. Great job!

Laura R says:

Yay!! Love for Scotland!! ??

akshay chourasiya says:

They should retire red card in respect for Ramos when he hangs his boot I mean this is the least thay can do.

Kai Barrett-Bennett says:

Send Suarez back to Liverpool #YNWA

Shubhransu Das WP says:

Hi adrian love your videos ❤️ this one also.. please do cover the i-league as a bonus league next time as title race here is really hot right now?✌️

Ramadea Adrindrata says:

Inter stripped Icardi's captaincy due to the board deemed he has been neglecting his captain duty in the locker room, and his disappearance during the Europa League match is due to an injury treatment

Jesse Guzman says:

B/R sports > One football

omar miah says:

Is this the watchmojo guy???

Karl Kelly says:

Damn… my boi Adrian got a tarantula on the right side of his face

The Busby Babes says:

i dont know whos more babyface. ogs or adrian 😛

Monk Killedababy says:

Thanks for the Scottish news, btw, you’d pronounce St Johnstone as “Saint Johnston” disregard the “e”.

Felix Platt says:

The bonus league should of been Calcio C…the 20-0 game!

John Wigmore says:

Even though it was patchy. Still looks allot better.

Felix Platt says:

Don't worry Adrian in Tajikistan it's illegal to have a beard

Felix Platt says:

Adrian's new look is as electrifying as a hair dryer in a bath tub!

Azeite de Benfiquista says:

Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww baby face Adrian

Bear Grylls says:

I just buried my title hopes after todays 0:0 against Nürnberg …
We weren't good enough to break down the worst team of the season who were playing with 11 defenders and were diving all over the place wasting time. So disappointed. There should've been a penalty call but if i'm honest we didn't deserve to win.

Ava Mcmenamin says:

U should do a whole video talking about the icardi thing bcuz honestly I’m confused about what’s happening

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