Liverpool vs ac milan 2005 uefa cup

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Not mine


Junio Duarte says:

qual o nome das musicas?

alex aragones says:

Merci pour ce grand moment ! Un gilet jaune Francais.

Thiago Nascimento says:

São Paulo Champion 2005

Marco Impellizzeri says:

Absolutely sensational and emotional I remember that night like it was yesterday : don't know how to explain words..still shocked after 13 years. But i'm sure they did it for the Fans, the most amazing fan i ve never known. Cheers from an AcMilan supporter 🙂

ThaEpicJustAJoke AnimatorBassador2019 says:

0:03 that was the most cringeworthy scream I ever heard ?

Neftali Martinez says:

One of the best videos out there
I remember watching this game when I was 12 years old omg just great memories

Luke Dunn says:

If we win the champions league I will literally cry this club means so much to me ❤❤❤

Qingdao Henglin Machinery says:

this is the version I'm looking for

stevegerrard1307 says:

Salah YNWA 2018 champions again :,)

Edgar Sotelo says:

Thank you for re uploading this youtube stays taking this down. This is my favorite version of this

Carlos Alberto Mantilla García says:

I broke in tears. Unforgettable emotion. Greets from Peru #YNWA

John Doe says:

Don't normally like videos like music but godamn this was done perfectly. That 8:33 moment

iyatz quinta says:

sigur ros band from turkey

Yudistira Syalendra says:

what this is song soundrack name pliss

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