Inzaghi goal on Barcelona ( The Best Goal Ever ) .. ACMilan

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No one can do it on Barcelona except Pippoo 🙂


marvin escorcia says:

no lo puedo creer, que golazo

The Seitich JR says:

(Y) simple legend

kooora18 says:

Rvp scored a similar goal too

Xevo234 says:

Clarence and Pippo <3

Lars Hinkelmann says:

Juan Arango (Borussia Mönchengladbach) has scored an almost identical goal against bremen in the german bundesliga after a brilliant pass from Havard Nordtveit!

Хуго Оливеира says:

ej like ti steznav na komentaron 😛

Thomas Buyse says:


jedrasss89 says:

Superpippo – simply the best!!!

Xindong Ding says:

thanks pippo

Kicaj15 says:

Inzaghi end his carrer 🙁
Thank you Pippo

rcmanization says:

if this is the best goal ever, you have probably only seen this game?

921milanista says:

even ronaldo couldnt do this

Thomas Widjanarko says:

smell of blood skill

asah eahde says:

best poacher in the world. pippo !

Omar Ahmed says:

pippo ,,,i put him at the top of best attack players in the history ,,,this player born to score

yareen80 says:

@toki1221 hes to fucking sick to get married! forza milan

kooora18 says:

Why can't Barca beat Milan at Camp Nou lol. Milan has to score a beautiful goal everytime. This goal and Pato's beauty of a goal.

Ferrari360Luca says:

Pippo Idolo!^^

MrLudos says:

Ma era in amichevole?????

irishchrisc says:

Not the best goal ever. Example; a similar goal by Van Basten in Euro 88 final was better. Good goal though.

Eddie - says:

@MikeJ2k9 if I may, that is the hardest possible goal to score, from that angle in that corner .. few can do it, then add the weak foot to that .. very vew can do that .. and notice seedorfs pass, amazing ..

Mike says:

Not the best goal ever but it was good

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