FIFA 19 – Ac Milan Player Faces

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Rosario Papa says:


Malavida says:

As an AC Milan supporter, I refuse to buy this game.



Terry Lu says:

Horrible fake face! Suso ? Biglia?

Naramsin Baranto says:

Terrible, just terrible. Many of these players are not only known in serie a but also globally, for example Suso, Romagnoli and Biglia. FIFA should learn from PES..

Ahmed Shakur says:

This is complete bullshit they have scanned faces of shit clubs such as Watford Leicester city but Not scanned faces of Ac Milan even though they have the seria A license

Khalid AlKhaldi says:

Unbelievable how bad and inaccurate the faces are!
They need to scan the faces of all AC Milan players (Especially after obtaining the Seria A license)

Jose Tobon says:

This is so sad wtf

onrain 214 says:

Terrible…. just terrible face…..

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