Inter Milan vs Barcelona [1-1], Champions League, Group Stage 2018 – MATCH REVIEW

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Inter and Barça played out a highly entertaining 1-1 draw at the San Siro on Tuesday night. With Malcom scoring an emphatic Champions League debut goal for Barcelona but Mauro Icardi equalised with a late goal from close range.



TalkFCB says:

What a match! Our performance was outstanding tonight, especially when you consider the opponent and the venue we had todo it at. What’s your thoughts guys? (OH, AND SO HAPPY FOR MALCOM!)

w2j love says:

Please check this out please

elijah eb says:

I think coutinho needs to play on the midbield because wen messi is coming back hi won't get that much space like hi get against inter

mustafa anwer says:

Flop channel ever

K1 BarcaBoy says:

The two negatives were about Dembele (but not necessarily) Valverde played Dembele way too deep for him to create any chances or to run pass defenders. Not his fault. Why didn’t Suarez ever pass to Dembele? Every time he was in good position Suarez chose to
run or pass back, such a negative performance from Suarez

K1 BarcaBoy says:

Why does Suarez never pass to Dembele? It pisses me off because Dembele got in such good areas and Dembele gave Suarez so much chances that he missed. The one negative about this match

Eddie Fordjour says:

Rip Mac miller

roberto gissepi says:

Saurez's attitude towards Dembele is shocking! He's supposed to be a role model and help his younger team mates. I said weeks ago in a game were you could see Saurez's body language & facial expressions towards Dembele if he lost the ball or never passed the ball to him. This is hypocrisy at the highest level especially when you consider how many chances Saurez gets to his find his form over the past couple of years. How is Dembele supposed to find any kind of confidence if he has more senior teammates knocking him down instead of guiding him??
I feel this Messi/Saurez friendship is poisoning the team at times and has too much influence over the manager. It's sad to see really especially when you consider how Ronaldinho did everything to help Messi when he was breaking through to the first team.

Teo Orton says:

Malcom is amazing
Pls valverde let him play more match

omar yahya says:

We should have won that game long before Malcolm came on to be honest as we had too many chances. However I am very proud of the performance and I think we will go far in the champions League. Visca el barca

Umang Hamzasuleman says:

I pray barcelona sack!!!!! Him soon

Umang Hamzasuleman says:

Valverde is a stupid coach.!!! Look at Malcolm he has been neglecting!! We all saw his performance!!!??? It tells us that Valverde is not a right coach for Barcelona because he has good quality players but lacks confidence in them

sachin bajracharya says:

barc were phenomenal. ….. hope this continues…

Gaming Pool says:

first time since Valverde joined , we've played some dicent football.

abduljalil esaid says:

Dembele was the worst

oral kerr says:

Good performance. I like the way we played. Just one of those things. It could have been a better result

samuel williams says:

Coutinho was excellent tonight but he should make his curlers a bit unpredictable. That will make him more dangerous in the final 3rd.

Andre Van Hauwaert says:

But we don't

Javis Neufville says:

When I saw off the bench I cursed an expletive in anxiety ?

Samir Begovic says:

Some credit? full package my boy

FC barcelona Route says:

That was the attacking pressing we lacked when played Roma . I feel Dembele is not free yet … like he is still afraid to take personal decisions as do I pass , do I pass through defenders to see if I can score ? What if I made mistake ? How do my senior teammates perceived to me ? The list is endless ! Dembele must ignore fear . Also I see passes that could have been made to him when he was free was not made. So Malcom did not mind but stroke direct bcos there was no way to pass ! Rackitic is becoming underperforming , Arthur was cool but lack drive going forward to link attackers .

In summary , I knew all Barca could get from San siro will be draw ! Which is good performance to the overall team.

Ilias Attar says:

Fenomenal performance

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