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Watch my new Football Manager 2017 series here: “FM17 100% Live Let’s Play | Newcastle United #1 | Football Manager 2017”

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EZJaeger says:

Dorin Rotariu?

Robert Millard-Brace says:

you should try doing a bristol rovers save mate! good video!

Mike Cathcart says:

Can't sell De Jong.

gaamst says:

Great stuff!=) Are you using any player instructions? Like specific instructions? Been watching a few of your videos now, trying to get my head around tactics in this years version. I've had a hard time letting go of FM 2012(!), so you could say that leap has been pretty overwhelming for me, obviously quite a lot has changed since the "classic tactics" that I'm used to=S

RomieShahrom says:

Hey man. I have to say I'm really liking the first 2 episodes. I happen to stumble upon your channel when I was searching for a Milan guide. Guess fate brought us both together. Haha. +FootyManagerTV


Just incase you need a good staff member try " Jose Manuel Otxotorena " he's a goalkeeping coach from Valencia and Spain he's got " 20 goalkeepers, 20 man management, 20 motivating, 20 judging ability and potential also 20 determination and 19 mental 17 technical and 16 fitness

Hugh Jassol says:

Hopefully your signings grow in value like Ipswich signed Tyrone Mings for 60k and now arsenal bidded 9mil for him another great vid 🙂

MrRbirdy17 says:

Sell Honda mate. We are both Aussies and know Honda is garbage vs Us eveytime we play Japan. Hes overrated !!

Dharmil Joshi says:

Can you sign tariq humam? it'd be nice to see him grow with the ac milan side

Grosso FTW says:

If its possible to bring Andrea Pirlo back, that'd be awesome. He'd be a perfect mentor for Mastour, plus hes a legend. I understand if its not possible though 😛

Grosso FTW says:

Loving the series so far. I like the transfers so far, it shows you take attention to details which is much appreciated. I like how you gave Mastour a try but his mistake in midfield eventually lead to the dramatic Boakye wonder strike (Boakye is owned or co-owned by Juventus btw). Try to be a little more careful when putting on Mastour. And Menez needs to take the penalties! Good work Footy!

Teddy Politidis says:

Hey Footy.. Listen bro.. I'm Greek and I love watching your videos and I'm gonna love this series but what's gonna make me love it more is if you sign like Greek prospects or Greek players in general.. So if you could I would love that.. Thanks

Nicolas Urquhart says:

The serbian Zivkovic!

Moser says:

By the way,if you finish third you'll get around 50million for transfers!
As Milan is my favourite Club you can belief me,try to sell Muntari and Essien aß the earn to much money! Same with Armero,you dont need him,de Sciglio becomes the best left back in the next season and antonelli is a decent back-up
For centre mid you should go for Gil Romero,he is a really good Player.
In addition you should swap Poli and de Jong as Poli gets too much yellow cards.

Michael O'Brien says:

I miss Essien being at Chelsea. :c

K Grant says:

Liverpool is just being robbed all over..ehhh.LOOL.

Nikola Vukelić says:

Why don't you play Menez!?

Philip Sørensen says:

You should play Mastour Because he will grow faster and then he will get used to the pace in the league and will become important for you

Rezolutny Rafał says:

Another great series! Another great episode! Same great FOOTYMANAGERTV! BEST FM PERSONALITY EVER!

theFMA_nl says:

when are you going to play PES again loved your my player career on that game

Kirill Gretchko says:

how do you get the faces for all of these players?
on mine most of them are just blacked out

Bob Mob says:

Hope Mastour works out for you because I've never seen him work out on any save I've played or seen. Let's goooo

UFRAspieler says:

Please buy Ödegaard 🙂 Ödegaard and Mastour => Dreamteam 😮

carl hjalmarsson says:

Nice video 😀

Amber Beast says:

Anyone one want to have an online game? My steam is:FMawezomatic

Ahmad Afiq says:

Footy, you should sign Everton Ribeiro on January where where you can get him for free.

Micael Silva says:

Sign Destro because i am in my 4th season and i'm Italy manager, Destro is too good

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