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AC Milan could potentially sign Alvaro Arbeloa. Gio comments on the latest AC Milan transfer news and rumours.

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Mark Rozario says:

I feel you bro!

Tarun Divakarla says:

why can't we start a petition against the club?

Dan Maldini says:

What i hate right know is that the club dosnt give the young players a chance… we have no money fine! so what does the club do ? make contracts with shit players.. its okay we dont have any money and cant buy the best players in the worldbut give the yungsters the chance then….?? Not a 33 and 31 years old players fuuuuuck….

Kavi Lake says:

Zaza would be a decent replacement for bacca

Pushkar Patanjali says:

Arbeloa Will just a good bench player. Should only be signed if a free transfer as you said 15M available which is nothing is today's transfer market world. Bench players are being signed for that kinda amount.
As such the sale of Milan since God Knows when is messing up the entire window. As a matter of fact. . Despite Berlusconi awesome years in past. . He found a way to still fuck things of for Milan. I don't how they hold the club dear to the hearts, if it were that way they would've known that it will interfere during the transfer window. Just finish the deal already. It's been a drag.
Moreover if signings aren't made this time. . We 'might' get players to click but a single injury could destroy the system. And Milan have always relied on signings in January when they're far from any silverware.
It's very important that they start well. Get the points in the tally if we are to ever get Champions league football back to San Siro.
And just not holding UCL finals. Lol. Haha.
It's really sad and a pity to see they don't love the club as they claim to 🙁

realmaco1 says:

Caceres is a better centre back than arbeloa. and aren't we looking for a cb??? damn milan with no logic again!!

Joe11V says:

Caceres as a third choice CB would be a good option imo but , if we sign him we need another good partner with Romanglio that will help him grow. I can also see Milan getting Zaza , Cuadrauo and Kovacic on loan with an option to buy next season which I wouldn't mind as long as we get the players needed for the right positions. Also I don't understand y we won't splash money on the transfer market once the agree is signed and the Chinese just paid us back after the closing is signed. Anyway even if the Chinese do back out after the agreement I hear we will get 100 million so even if we spend that much on the market after the agreement is signed and the Chinese backlit we will still have the funds to pay the debt off.

Tyrese Howard says:

milan will have another bad season

Daniel Cortez says:

The most frustrating thing is seeing teams like Udinese, Pescara, Sassuolo buying players and Milan……MILAN!!!! Not doing a damn thing, the least they could do is at least Berlusconi could do is give us a small budget but, 5 million euros…really? And it almost seems we won't even spend those 5 million. I see Juventus making smart signings left and right and at this point it's a one horse race. We are miles behind them and as they get stronger every year we get weaker, cheaper, more embarrassing and as fans we don't deserve this. Every summer I start off optimistic and every passing day feel less optimistic and more pessimistic about the situation and the future. I will never stop being a Milan fan but this pain is too much to endure. If Berlusconi and Galliani truly care they must step down, we appreciate and will never forget the past but we can't just stay in the past, we need to move forward. We need change now and the lies and bs have to go. So Forza Milan and all Rossoneri!!!

Barney Stinson says:

What the hell is going on with ac milan !!? why are they signing another fullback . They keep signing thees free players that are crap i realy don't get it why not cacares instead of arbeloa WHY ?
He was free too. It realy makes me sad to see how low this club has
Become they don't want to buy new players they act like there's no
Money to buy new players i realy don't understand why burlusconi
Doing this ! He's a billionair . How come that milan doesn't has money to buy new players are they bankrupt or what ? They say that they need to sell bacca to raise money for new signings WTF
What kind of mangement is that realy pathetic !!! I am so disappointed. If they dont have money to sign new players why dont they atleast give the youngsters a chance

D B says:

I am against the sale of bacca, he is the only star talent we have at striker and none of the players we are linked to are worth replacing bacca with I say we let montella work with what he's got and try and wait till the money comes in. Until then it's fighting relegation.


Feel sorry for juve fans pogba is about to be announced for man u

Tomas Calabro Gimenez Villarejo says:

gio i want to know news from them please

Tomas Calabro Gimenez Villarejo says:

what happened with mussachio and mustafi?

Saudin Hodzic says:

I have no comment I would keep baca why sell him we need him who is going to score goals for us Lapadula come on There is a reason why he was in seria B not A and he is 26years old Milan Management is Retarded Alvis was better than Arbeola in my opinion I honestly don't understand how we will do this i fear first 10 games we will only have 3 points

fiacreativity1991 says:

We don't need a center back if we are not going to get a quality one. I would rather Zapata vergara or ely. I hope bacca stay so we don't use his cash in for nonsense. If I was Montella I would just go with the team I have now since I have instead of bringing in trash that is going to be hard to get rid of

Peco Pecovski says:

We dying atm :'(

YBN Tiger says:

I told u gio

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