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Niang is hopeful to return for the cup final, Menez is happy, and more in our latest AC Milan news report.

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angelicinterment says:

The press in England are insanely arrogant. Even the most vague links and they act like it's a done deal. I still worry that Milan's management are inept enough to consider selling Donnarumma though.

Nick DiLeva says:

Milan also said they were interested in Candreva… I saw this morning

Daniel's Opinion says:

i would love donnarumma at chelsea.

Nazmi Gashi says:

If they sell Donnarumma, Im done with this nonsense AC Milan menagment. :/

Dwayne k27ism says:

I hope the Milan management isn't stupid enough to sell a young talented goalkeeper for a quick buck! If they do then i'm just gonna go and start supporting Internazionale. I'll bet if we do sell him, then Berlusconi will bring in old has-beens saying that we can win Champions League with them. Prepare to see Kaka's third spell with Milan! Urgh! let's just hope Donna stays. I also hope Niang recovers soon, Milan will surely need him against Juve, since we play Juve in a few weeks, it's gonna be interesting to see how we do against them now, without key players. Let's hope Bona can recover from flu and return to form by then. We only got a few more weeks till season end, Milan better start winning again. #FORZA_MILAN

Darian Goberdhan says:

milan is the best

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