Miracle of Istanbul : Liverpool v Milan 2005

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Liverpool’s comeback of 2005 CL Final


Dac Liber says:

Forza Liverpool ?☠⚪

BenBob27 says:


Salman Siddiq says:

Anyone here after UCL 2018 final ?

Nocturnalanchor says:

My Tears always going down if i watching this video. . Indonesian Kopites

Hayden says:

Not even a Liverpool fan but that video is spine tingling

Mark Easton says:

13 years on and I still can't believe we did it!

Awesome vid mate, truly amazing

IronKnight117 says:

I was 8, that was when I started taking in interest in Liverpool during that season

BigRamifications says:

This upload needs more gay.

u dd says:

The 'real' art soccer

ichiro uechi says:

Amazing…. Just amazing. Hope this will happen again in this season.

Common Man Fifa says:

nice editing i remember watching this you should upload FIFA17 vids! I sub'd and left a like!

also I just started a FIFA / Ultimate Team channel, I'd appreciate any feedback! thanks

시구합동도서관 says:

Miracle alyways comes from very difficult situation. I love this game and always think of it

Ashley Wickens says:

I was 10, half of my age now = half time 3-0

Result = Win

greencore says:

i dont know man……..everytime i heard this song my tears wanna fall down……..this song is really2 special

basir5623 says:

The game of the century

Ultimate Electric Ltd. says:


Subway 26 says:

nearly 10 years ago now, wow, still incredible emotion watching that again, the music and words really get into you

Kyle Joson says:

Thats cute. 2-0 90th minute

Tom H says:

Like the video please..YNWA

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