ac milan vs fiorentina 1-0 20/11/10 ibrahimovic bicycle kick goal

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ac milan vs fiorentina 1-0 20/11/10 11/20/10all goals full match highlights ibrahimovic bicycle kick goal zlatan ibrahimovic amazing goal


JonteIRL says:

@filmonabaiy Villa cannot do spectacular goals like Ibra 😉

Ghaemi350z says:

Wheres the arabian guy, he commentated better.

GoldCupKid says:

Bosnian father, Croatian Mother…whom migrated to Sweden before Ibra was born…hence he technically has Tri-Citizenship if he wanted, but chose Sweden (dont know the story, but i believe it was answered below)

reecenolan says:

he and berbatov are my two favourite players they just make it look effortless

R Silver says:

@Noeldiego …bosanian in my as, hes from sweden, raised here. maybee hes parents was from there but that dosnt matter

Noeldiego says:

This Bosnian is great. At least top 10 strikers in the world. Messi obviously number one.

Donixo says:

fuck tevez he suck havnet a match with ibra ibra is the king as forward

imbalolpro says:

@massaro26 Swedens -_-

Julian says:

@maddog72k that's funny i remember him scoring two goals against auxerre (the only ones) and one goal against ajax (again the only goal by milan)

funny! doesn't seem all that bad. and i don't know but there's not many striker who can score a goal like this one!

Dre zale says:


Mike DeCheekz says:

@DaniboyBR2 Cheers bro! lookin forward to 2014

Dan 123 says:

@mike0957 His comment doesn't deserve comments, Ibra is brilliant, cheers from Brazil.

Mike DeCheekz says:

@maddog72k are you retarded? Ibrahimovic is sheer brilliance, this goal says it all

maddog72k says:

I hate the guy. Milan can forget about the Champions lge as long they have him.

MusicFootyHD says:

lol nice goal but celebration fail

Sinkor22 says:

@Cxeri93 Elmander plays for Bolton. Therefore it would be impossible for him to score against them.

Harun Hasanbegovic says:

ibra is the best attacker in the world this moment!!

johnnyloksss says:

esse cara ja é mito no futebol!

Buba Mikabadze says:

ibracadabra he is real something coool

immo rtal says:

un grande goal bravo ibra sei il piu grande di tutti

malmohabbe says:

Malmös egen lille påg!

RenoBurkeFamily says:

i like that gattuso took him down at the end.

Stefan B says:


Wayne Attard says:

the 2 people that dislicked have cancer.

i 2 che ano fato la manina gu ano il cancer.

Phyrex says:

Ibra hurt his arm when he pumped air. Rofl.

cracktober says:

Hahhaha he hurt himself..

Gazmir Faruku says:

Who The Fuck Disliked This :@:@ Faggot dnt even bother lookin at this video if u dnt like milan!

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