Lionel Messi Offside Goal vs Ac Milan [Barcelona vs Ac Milan 4-0] 12.03.2013 HD

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This Video Explain that was a Offside…


Lionel Messi Offside Goal vs Ac Milan [Barcelona vs Ac Milan 4-0] 12.03.2013 HD
Lionel Messi Offside Goal vs Ac Milan [Barcelona vs Ac Milan 4-0] 12.03.2013 HD
Lionel Messi Offside Goal vs Ac Milan [Barcelona vs Ac Milan 4-0] 12.03.2013 HD

FC Barcelona (Brand) Lionel Messi (Soccer Player) A.C. Milan (Professional Sports Team) Ronaldo Soccer Goal Real


MRCLO says:

its soooo offside …just saying

Ali Fahs says:

Haha fake video watch the real match and i saw it it wasn't offside only because they are ac Milan fans

Richárd Doszpod says:

all barcelona players are oscar winning divers

Richárd Doszpod says:

why wouldn't i suprised about this? Barcelona always cheat, the refrees help them, like these offside illegal goals, watch the 2009 chelsea and 2011 2006 milan matches. These motherfuckers stole the win from that 2 team…

jbanol says:

if you mean the supposed handball by the milan player, than buddy i got bad news for you, it was never a handball, it actually hit the guys face. dont believe me look it up

daynia Linzi says:

stolen match when the first leg had an illegal goal… we had one too ..evens out.. and the match still wasnt stolen 3-0 we still would have gone thru .. milan players didnt eve appeal it.. no1 realised

Alex Di Marcantonio says:

Milan merda!!

Michael González says:

if you complain about milan getting cheated while the whole milan team and coach praised barcelona you seriously have strong anti-barcelona issues

Cofimaslisa says:

mars jebem ti mater izdefinisanu 🙂

peterbrandtsloth says:

And you are also a moron.

Cofimaslisa says:

and the flag is up for offside!oops thats messi, flags down! drugs FTW

Liam Formosa says:

bull shit -.- uefalona strikes again. Barcelona cant win anything without cheating, that one goal not happening would have made a total difference to the moral of the milan players and milan would have passed. -.- bs 🙂

Kevo193 says:

Pedro should have had a penalty and against chelsea it wasnt stolen because only penalty they should have had was for Pique's handball which came after Abidal's unfair red card. Messi hasnt taken drugs to cheat. Barcelona's CL trophies are clean and shiny which cant be said about real madrid. You're portuguese, you just like madrid because they have those dirty portuguese players. Might want to remember that madrid first 5 CL's came thanks to Franco. Now get lost idiot.

Cofimaslisa says:


Oussama Elouali says:

Couldn't agree more , people like this really make me sick , it was so obvious how incompetent Milan were against Barca and still give shitty arguments

raskorak777 says:


raskorak777 says:

I can't believe that your comment has so much negative votes! I absolutely agree with you, man. You forgot to mention last year's match between Milan and Barca, when the referee awarded a penalty in favor of Barca, at the time when they were supposed to perform a corner kick!? UEFAlona's players are overprotected and I think that Alves, Sanchez, Busquets, Pedro… should win an Oscar for acting!
FORZA MILAN! Greetings from Serbia!

UserNameOculto says:

He took drugs u morron, and no, i'm not from real madrid, and u must a Farça fan!

Joey Jojo says:

you have to be from Real Madrid, you just have to be!!!! only someone as stupid from RM would say that!!!! Messi scored 91 goals last year!!! but I guess he cheated on those too!!! WHAT A COMPLETE MORON!!!!

Hiku says:

The rule is there to prevent players from getting an advantage from their positioning against the last defending player of the opposition team. Messi actually moved backwards and didn't take advantage of his positioning to move play the ball from a position behind the defenders, so to be perfectly fair, it didn't really matter. It was still offside, but honestly it didn't affect the game since he moved backwards, and didn't try to pass the defenders.

Hiku says:

Claiming that the Milan match was stolen, when they were completely outplayed like this, is just silly. The better team won. Even most Milan fans say that.

Hiku says:

The difference is that Messi wanted to be a professional athlete. The people you mentioned either didn't want to, or couldn't as a result.
Why wouldn't he take the very same hormones that you and I have, that our body produces for us? Because he was born with an illness he should stay that way? Wow..
He stopped taking those a long time ago in his lower teens either way.

Hiku says:

I think it was head + arm. Because no matter how many times I watch it, I can't imagine how the ball could bounce off a head like that and change direction completely down into the ground from that angle.

thomasson14 says:

It wasnt a handball. I know it really looks like it, but it actually hit his head.

UserNameOculto says:

U see a handball because u are a Farça Fanatic! I know why Messi took those drugs, but i know of people with the same problem who didn't took any drugs. He was not going to die! We can only imagine what taking hormones for years can do to your body! The substance he took is not allowed in sports, and the full range og his effects is not known!

Cofimaslisa says:

1;0 HT is fair thats all what i have to say, that could make a different scenario, different fillings

Cofimaslisa says:

dont complain plz, 1st 2 penaltis for 3:1 last season, now 2nd goal 3m long offside, uefalona is setting up like r.madri

UserNameOculto says:

See that u blind farça fan. And i'm not a milan supporter!

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