Mahmoud Dahoud – Milan Transfer Target

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Mahmoud Dahoud – Milan Transfer Target

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Name: Mahmoud Dahoud
Current Team: Borussia M.Gladbach
Shirt Number: 8
Attacking Midfielder (Centre)
Age: 21 years old (01-01-1996)
Height: 177cm
Weight: 69kg
Nationality: Syria


Jimmy Brokamp says:

Please Fassone, Milrabelli please give this gift to Ac Milan fans. hes so good@@!!

fendi ahmad r says:

sucses milan

دكتور اللغويات التطبيقية says:

Is a great player. There are many players from Syria have a great skills but war conditions prevented them from professionalism.

Iway VINdiesel Ilyas says:

the next kaka

Eddie Hogg says:

What a player; I knew he was good but he's better than I expected! His playing style suggests to me that he could be the next Mesut Özil

Pablo Escobar └A زيتا says:

are we going to get anything new on the field this winter?

scarlxrd says:

Grande blake

Antonio Silipo says:

Non chissà cosa ma come sostituto andrebbe bene

Rossoneri TV says:

Amazing player, hopefully we will get him in the summer 🙂

Gabriele Poltronieri says:

se arriverebbe sarei molto contento

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