Will Zlatan return to AC Milan? Kylian Mbappe to Juventus? | Transfer Rater

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Mark Donaldson and Paul Mariner of ESPN FC head to the Transfer Rater to assess the latest transfer news and rumors, including Kylian Mbappe possibly going to Juventus from Paris Saint-Germain, Zlatan Ibrahimovic going to AC Milan on loan from Los Angeles Galaxy, Adrien Rabiot to Tottenham from PSG, Paul Pogba to PSG from Manchester United, and Aaron Ramsey leaving Arsenal.

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Get this channel to overtake T-series says:

Zlatan got me here, like others down there

SND says:

Zlatan does not go back to ac milan, ac milan go back to zlatan

Joel Henry says:

Wenger fault we in this Ramsey issue

ameu loitau says:

pobba is better than mbape

Marian M says:

What the hell would Mbappe do in Juventus? Sit on a bench? They have Ronaldo, Mandzukic and Dybala who are already established and are working perfectly together. He should go to Real Madrid, they don’t have any solid attackers apart from Benzema who is getting too old.

Atharva Kamalakar Jadhav says:

First think about Manchester united manager

Enzo Lorenzo FIFA Gaming says:

Would love to see Mbappe in Serie A, but don't really see that happening at the moment. Although, I don't think anyone thought Ronaldo would be at Juve this year either!

Viral Videos says:

I hope Mbappe can prove himself outside of PSG and not spend all his care in his comfort zone like Pessi

Lionel Messi says:

Pls zlatan play in serie A to challenge ronaldo

Richard Castaway says:

Arjen robben and frank ribery to the MLS

C Triumbari says:

Why would zlatan play on midtable team.

Jeffy Mathew says:

Mbappe is overated as hell. 250 million my foot. No club would buy him. They would rather buy 4 great players and build the team.

Joseph Ibarra says:

Pogback to juve*

Donald Russell says:

Why’d he go to MLS if he didn’t want to be here fr

Zain Mohammad says:

I can also take Neymar in Real Madrid and Hazard

Zain Mohammad says:

If Mbappe goes somewhere he should go in the premier league or in Real Madrid

martin villegas says:

Did someone say Zlatan?

The Joker says:

No reason for Ibra to go to AC Milan. They bought higuain in order for the team to have more experience and for higuain to guide curtrone into being a world class striker.

Kenny Harris says:

Why did they bleep them out a couple of times?

Justin Ajo Banja says:

Nah.Let MLS keep their senile stars.

Billy the GOAT says:

ESPN just making stuff up now ??? GTFOH

Mr. Bullet Club Biggz The Verbal Assassin says:

Not the same without Alexis Nunes.

everyday football says:

Mbappe will stay at psg
Rabiot will stay at psg
Pogba will go to psg

Whipload Channel says:

R these guys serious? LMAO. Maybe AC milan B team.

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