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The deadline for AC Milan’s sale could be extended as the two parties need more time to discuss about some clauses. Gio comments on the latest AC Milan transfer news and rumors.

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yaya bojang says:

we need both zapata an bacca they are good players

poontang3zizo says:

We aren't a big club anymore. We're not going to get a world class coach. We're not going to keep Bacca unless Berlusconi sells. We're not going to get any world class players unless Berlusconi sells. And most of all Berlusconi is not going to sell. He's just dangling a carrot of a sale before the fans eyes. That being said, I still wish him all the best in his heart operation.

Schnydy Andy says:

Why would any Milan fan want bacca to be sold not to even speak about his price tag

Gino Travassos says:

Former Man City manager Manuel Pellegrini is set to take over at AC Milan, claims El Mercurio.

The Chilean, who left the Etihad at the end of last season, will join the Rossoneri if the Serie A club's sale to Chinese investors goes through.

Gino Travassos says:

PELLEGRINI TO BECOME MILAN BOSS on sky sports transfer centre!

m t . s e f u r i says:

Ohhhhhhhh man…. China buy Milan NOW. Pelegrini in.

realmaco1 says:

what if we got Laurent Blanc? if he's leaving PSG why not come to Milan?

z0ke says:

i think berlusconi wont sell and we will see another bad season, maybe we will finish 10th with brocchi.

Sir Klopp says:

Milan won't progress until Berlusconi sells. I'm surprised Gio you can still upload every day while all this things go on in the background, I have to say Gio you have a lot of patience lol

YBN Tiger says:

Is Ibra going to Milan or not

Dwayne k27ism says:

I just cannot wait for Milan to be sold! the sooner the better because then we get to focus on transfer season!

Till Moritz Vater says:

Bacca must be kept at the club. Gio you are right he deserves to play at least EL, but he is so important for milan. without him there will be no progress. and since other strikers are so expensive nowadays, we will end up with another torres. pure HORROR. Any thoughts?

Khalifa Algosaibi says:

I have a theory that the Chinese will stop investing after half a decade of heavy spending and another slump will occur
what are your thoughts
(Also as much as I hate to admit it is was saddened by the news of Berlusconi being hospitalized after cussing him out for a couple of years)

Daniel's Opinion says:

Pellegrini cool ?

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