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Gio discusses about the latest declarations made by Berlusconi on Mihajlovic and more. Let us know your thoughts on the situation in the comment section below!

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Gabriel Munta says:

I want Miha to stay purely because he discovered Donnarumma, brought Romagnoli and got the best out of players I thought could not play very good (Alex, Zapata, Honda, etc.).. Unfortunately, knowing the people in charge at Milan, he's simply not staying..

Dwayne k27ism says:

i want Sinisa to stay with Milan, he has brought hope for us Milan fans when many thought Milan would suck again this season. Berlusconi is an asshole if he sends him away at the end of the season!
At least let him stay and see what kind of team he builds up next season, i seriously think Miha is the right man for the job, since if it wasn't for him we would not have Donnarumma or Romagnoli wearing the Milan jersy and apealing to the fans.

Jonathan Barrera says:

Out of all the coaches we've had , I really would like Sinisa to stay. I mean compared to inzaghi and seedorf… Come on. Sinisa has shown us that with a mid table team , success can be achieved. Even though we are 6th, if we would've started the season like we did when we beat inter 3-0 im pretty sure we would be at least top 4 right now. We need time and patience in order for us to see what Sinisa has planned for the squad.

Zayd Daoud says:

Galliani Should've bought Soriano to instead of bertolacci smh

Mouhamed Lamine Bah says:

I perfectly agree. He wins something, he stays.

Tomas Malinauskas says:

Did you heard? ( Italy's former Prime Minister Berlusconi also dismissed the bizarre suggestion that Milan could lure Roma's 39-year-old icon Francesco Totti to the club. I dont understand how to react of this or like of joke or like his talk seriously. 🙂

jamie Muscat says:

gio do you want miha to stay and also do u think we can win the coppa?

Senpai D.M says:

speaking of Coppa do you think Niang will be back?

Mateusz Wasilewski says:

Silvio Berlusconi
– coach sacker by day
– bunga bunga master by night

Florjan says:

I would be a huge mistake if berlusconi sacks mihajlovic. Can he really guarantee the fans that a new coach would get the job done and get us in champions league. no he cant. its bullshit that we have had to see the team go through 3 coaches. we have started from scratch 3 seasons in a row and the way its looking it will be like this for many years to come. Every new coach has had to inherit the team of the previous coach and was not given the players necessary to built his own squad. miha only got romagnoli who he wanted. Im sure he also wanted ibra and witsel but that prick berlusconi want willing to spend more for the good of the team.

Soccer News, Headlines and more says:

If Milan win the copa italia I think Miha should stay the reason being is that none of Milan's past coaches (after allegri got sacked) haven't had the success Miha has. Miha could get us in the europa league and what did seadorf and inzagi do? Absolutely nothing plus we cant keep switching managers we need to have a balance in our squad it's not that easy for players (especially our players) to adapt to different play styles every year. Our players have bad attitudes (some) Miha has a strong character and the players will learn stfu. This i what i would be thinking if i was Berlusconi

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