Kansas City Wizards Vs Manchester United (2-1) All Goals & Highlights

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Kansas City Wizards Vs Manchester United (2-1) All Goals & Highlights
Goals and bookings
Kansas City Wizards – United States
11′ Arnuad
39′ Conrad
43′ Kamara
Manchester United – England
41′ Dimitar Berbatov penalty

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Hamster En ligne says:

LOL! Manchester United lost to a 10-man average MLS team. I can't believe Euro fans are making up excuses for they're team, but it's not going to work. KCW played some of their reserve team also (mostly in the second half) while Manchester United had more quality players on the field and could only make a goal from a free kick facing the net. That game could easily be a 2-0 Kansas City victory if that free kick never happened.

Anton Barash says:

Wow Jimmy got a red in this match.

Sammyv17 says:

@WING1234able He hadn't joined man utd until later that preseason.

MLedda says:

@teacake888 lol, 1st goal hes clearly onside, and im not sure about te second goal, but it looks like its in..

g36c1 says:



panetero says:

Yanks don't know shit about pre-season. Their schedule is completely different than ours, they seem to ignore that.

BigkKinny says:

@JackoMW I'm not responding to you anymore.

BigkKinny says:

@JackoMW What? Never said this team is great. I bet most those players on the Wizards aren't even American. Just throwing a little patriotism around. This game only proves that MLS is improving a bit. Calm down. Soon MLS teams will compete with other leagues. Dont hate because MLS is trying to expand and get better.


haha kansas city

TheWWExpert says:

Shame on you, United! Better Lose to the Ants than to Kansas.

TheZakzook says:

@easynowww No they won't and I am not English. Brazil and Argentina are the home of football and still can't compete with the Europeans ( club wise). So you are going way TOOO far. Anyways yes USA football is improving alot.

BigkKinny says:


liam o sullivan says:

The MLS league is crap ….. Man utd put out a bad team against the MLS all stars and beat them 5-2 that explains it

kwf1156 says:

you are retarded. the MLS isn't a lame league anymore. its becoming a respectable league notice how thierry henry is here now!! and they all make over 25000 a year you idiot!! and furthermore baseball is not comparable to soccer.

studman513 says:

@vivelavidarocka they played at Arrowhead Stadium. (KC Chiefs field)

Jose T says:

In what stadium did they play? And wow! I've never seen soooo many tags for a video. Thanks for sharing. Let's go MLS. Let's go Red Bulls. I hope Galaxy could win the Concacaf Champions so a MLS team could go to the Club's World Cup Championship in Abu Dhabi by the end of the year.

Evolution of Everything says:

i think when city plays its new players, it will become very much a different team!

galaxy1o1 says:

are you seriously arguing about the second goal ?? two wordsfor you pal " Lens'n crafters"

st20602 says:

@ManUtdPride1 shut up and take a loss. I thought you Englishmen would be in favor of goals like that, especially what happened during the World Cup.

nick spurgeon says:

wizards 2nd goal shouldnt have counted just the dumb ass ref

Jose T says:

@indianajoe14 Yeah, right…. by now, I reckon Fergie doesn't agree w/u…

indianajoe14 says:

@vivelavidarocka OMG I guess your Pro US, But face it Your shite.

John P says:

@vivelavidarocka well i like red bulls they beat city lol lets all laugh at city lost 2-1 and 2-0 to sporting HAHAHAHAHA

Jose T says:

Yes they played with the reserves. But is one of the big top four Premiership teams. Shouldn't their reserves be better than a team that's is not even between the best in MLS? Let's Go USA! Let's GO MLS!! Let's GO RED BULLS!!

John P says:

@amd12345678901000 yeh if u read my comment properly we had no excuses for losing they were better at defending and attack oh and epl is only 18 years or so but the english league has been around for 100 years 😛

Bryson Dinwiddie says:

yes they did

JohanMuliadi says:

please tell me that they played mostly their reserves

Ramen Noodles says:


yeah youre right lol. and you really use alotta smiley faces :O

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